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Modern dining paradise for sushi aficionados
By Hattie Fisher

MOST is a sushi-lover’s paradise located at the intersection of Wuxing Road and Huaihai Road M. The restaurant is a cute little restaurant/bar with a café feel. The space is decorated in dark-hued, distressed wood and white tile, with industrial, brushed-metal accents. Especially at night, when the restaurant is dimly lit with both electric lights and the flames of many tiny candles that are artfully strewn about the surfaces of the tables and bar, it feels quite homey.

Most has adopted a novel dining concept, styling itself as a “contemporary Japanese tapas and sushi restaurant.” Indeed, Most has a variety of small dishes that are perfect for an appetizer or for sharing with friends over drinks; they also have a wide variety of full-sized dishes that make an excellent meal. The options run the gambit of Japanese cuisine, from sushi to udon noodles, and even branches into the realm of fusion cuisine.


We sampled both sides of the menu. Our meal commenced with a couple of appetizers: fried calamari in a tangy plum sauce and edamame liberally sprinkled with salt and served cold. While we had to wait a while for the rest of our food to arrive, the flavors made up for the lapse in service. We sampled a variety of Most’s sushi offerings: the avocado tuna roll was a creamy blend of spicy seafood flavors, while the beef and foie gras roll was a perfect example of fusion cuisine — Japanese wagyu beef, delicately topped with a wafer-thin slice of foie gras. The less adventurous eater in our group was also very satisfied with her California Roll, a basic sushi staple, consisting of crab, cucumber, and avocado.

We also tried the sashimi rice with eel, which was a feast for the eyes and the stomach; the thick cuts of fish and grilled eel sat atop a perfectly-formed bed of rice, and the dish was full of the pure, simple flavors essential to Japanese cuisine. The meal was, in one word, delectable.

Most’s lunch service offers a more casual atmosphere, as diners are able to indulge in the daytime sunlight.


The restaurant has also started a delivery platform, Mostexpress, with a smaller number of dishes currently available. As the delivery service is still relatively new, the menu consists of simple sushi dishes, rice bowls, salads, soups, and traditional Japanese appetizers like edamame and seaweed salad.

The restaurant’s elegant and relaxed atmosphere makes it a perfect destination for all occasions.

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