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Top barbecue restaurants dish up sizzling delights
By Zhang Yang and Wang Xinzhou

Summer is just around the corner so it’s time for a hearty meal of sizzling barbecue and cold beer. Shanghai Daily’s Zhang Yang and Wang Xinzhou checked out three of the city’s top barbecue restaurants.

Long Time Ago

Located on Yunan Road S., it is an eatery that serves skewered meat, fish and vegetables. The restaurant has a robot-like gadget at the entrance to greet customers. There’s a large number of reasonably priced meats, including lamb, beef and chicken, as well as seafood and vegetables. Skewers are slowly roasted on a rotating barbecue right on your table. 

The staff are friendly and helpful. The restaurant is dimly lit to create a delightful atmosphere, and pop music is playing on a large TV screen. Long Time Ago is easily accessible by public transport.

Old Ship Bar 

old ship bar.jpg

On Changshou Road, it is an aptly rustic barbecue restaurant. Decorated with flags, anchors and Jolly Rogers, the restaurant looks like a big pirate ship. Wooden-boat seats and dark blue light add to the mysterious atmosphere.

Chicken wings and lamb are among the must-tries. The chicken wings are coated with honey and taste tender and juicy. The lamb is well-marbled and has cumin and paprika flavoring.

The bread is covered with butter and sugar, which makes it slightly sweet and soft. Another highlight is the “Dancing chicken,” which is crisp on the outside and tender inside, and big enough to be shared by up to three people. 

Singers and small bands perform every evening after 7pm. Several large LCD screens broadcast sports.

Red Cate

Red Cate.jpg

There are several Red Cate eateries in Shanghai, but the one on Wanhangdu Road is where it all started. Decorated in red, the restaurant continues to serve special dishes from Sichuan Province. 

The skewered meat here is hot and spicy. Chicken wings, lamb and beef are must-tries. For vegetables, chives, potatoes and garlic sprouts are a good choice. 

Another menu highlight here is stewed pork knuckle, a popular Sichuan dish. The pork knuckle comes stewed with kidney beans and will melt in your mouth without being greasy. Pork with garlic sauce and grilled eggplant are also tasty.

Set lunch is available here, and from time to time, there are free tasting sessions.

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164