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The best quick baozi around Shanghai

About the column: This is a special column focusing on comparing the same food from different restaurants or stores in Shanghai so you will know which is better for you. We have tested coffee, hamburgers, French fries and sandwiches … If you have anything you want compared, please send us an email at sophiewong@shanghaidaily.com. We are waiting to hear from you.

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Baozi, a traditional Chinese snack, is always a popular choice for breakfast. One or two hot pork buns can bring you energy and vigor for a new day. This time, Sophie Wang has selected some pork buns from those convenient stores that dot the streets in Shanghai. Although the difference is slight, it can also help you to do a better choice.

Tools: A chopping board, a knife and a scale

Family Mart

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Pork buns here have soft skin and fresh stuffing inside. Their skins are fermented well, and the meat tastes sweet, while the total taste is a little dry. 

Besides the classic, there are also pork buns with pickled cabbage and preserved vegetables, which have richer flavors. Sausage rolls and chicken buns are also popular.

You can buy two buns and a cup of soybean milk or corn juice at a discounted price of 8 yuan (US$1.15).

Price: 2.2 yuan



The overall taste of the pork buns is not so good. The skin is soaked by the gravy, and easily torn. The meat is minced and mixed with bamboo pieces, which is sweet and dry. 

There are only two kinds of buns in alldays: meat and vegetable.

Price: 2.5 yuan



The skin of the baozi is fermented well, and there are rich bamboo slices in the meat to enrich its texture. With more seasoning, the bun has a richer flavor than others. As the biggest one among these buns, it’s worth buying. 

Pork buns with scallion and shrimps are also highlights. For veggie ones, purple sweet potato buns and coarse cereals baozi are tasty and healthy.

Price: 2.5 yuan (US$0.36)



The skin and meat of the buns are both worse than others. The skin is too dry, and the meat is too fragmented. There are few bamboo slices in the meat, and the overall taste is salty. 

There is not a great range in the store. other meat buns include chicken buns and meat bao with salted vegetable

Price: 2.2 yuan



The flavor of pork buns here is obviously different from others. The unique seasoning gives it a sweet and sour flavor, which is really tasty. The skin is a little hard, and the meat is thick. 

There are two kinds of pork buns. one is small and another one is bigger. Vegetable buns with glass noodles are also a highlight. 

You can add 5 yuan for a drink when buying buns.

Price: 2.5 yuan

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