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Paris Hilton's ho-hum non-event
By Brian Offenther

NOTED for her self-titled pop album and DJ show - among other things - Paris Hilton spent the past weekend in Shanghai, where she and your humble columnist crossed paths. The stars must have been aligned.

Hilton was in town to promote her various brands and to act as ambassador for Fanstang.com, a site that represents celebrities in China's burgeoning social media. Her website and Twitter feed found her spending time at the Bund and plush nightclub M2.

It was on the east side of the Huangpu River at the fortress-like Kerry Hotel Pudong. A private party was held for corporate bigwigs, influential media, local celebrities and Miss Universe contestants. For some reason I was left off the regular invite list, an obvious oversight. Losing a bit of my proverbial punk rock credibility, I did get in.

The large lounge and balcony where the event took place was nice, and the two bars and roaming waiters serving free Champagne and other drinks kept things going smoothly. People chatted pleasantly about work and private affairs. Some acted nonchalantly, but many fidgeted as they awaited the arrival of the star guest.

At about 11:30pm, Hilton did arrive, and most quickly gathered around the red carpet area to see the singer of "Turn It Up," a No. 1 US Billboard dance single. Cell phones were held in the air to capture the interview. Hilton answered some light questions, praising Shanghai and its people. After greeting a few, she then quickly sashayed to a private room in the back.

After about 20 minutes, she walked through the room again, this time going to a stage set up in a different area. She again answered some light questions, again affirming that Shanghai is nice. Soon, she was off the stage. Not long after, she was gone from the event. Shortly after, people began to leave the party.

That was the end of my Paris Hilton experience. Its significance, I'm not really sure about.

I found her album pleasant enough, but she obviously wasn't here to directly further her music career. She didn't perform or give any other insight. I'd say I went to the party for curiosity, to see what might happen with the celebrity known for being somewhat skittish.

At worst, I went as a star stalker, simply soaking in the celebrity of someone famous. I'd like to think that's not completely the case, but I'm not sure my defense would be impregnable.

The "Stars Are Blind" sings Paris Hilton in her most successful single.

I'm not exactly sure about that, but figuring them out is a tough one.

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