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Drawing, bartending? It is never too late to learn
By Sophie Wang

Do you love art but find it hard to learn? Many people feel they cannot start learning about art as it is complicated. Actually, art is not that far from you. Some interesting workshops in Shanghai not only let you take command of your interest quickly, but also help you finish your own creative work. All the workshops are friendly for both locals and foreigners. Find your interest, and devote yourself to it! Sophie Wang guides.

Upwithlily Studio


Founded by three post-90s entrepreneurs,this small but professional studio teaches modern calligraphy. If you find yourself wanting to develop your calligraphy talent but have no idea where to start, then this is precisely the place for you.

Modern calligraphy is a craft where one can be creative in a small space with a limited amount of materials.

This studio will give you an introduction to copperplate and modern calligraphy. Tutors are experienced teachers who have years of experience in practicing calligraphy.

Different classes focus on different pens. There are parallel pen, brush pen and dip pen for you to choose. All the classes are on small scale with about five to six people at a time to allow more interaction with participants.Tutors will walk you through — like which supplies to use, how to hold the pen and how to practice.

“We welcome everyone who is interested in joining,” the main founder,Lily Xie said. “Having a good command of it needs a lot of practice. But it’s possible for everyone to complete a perfect small work under our guidance.”


There are workshops for both beginners and experienced ones. Most workshops last between two to three hours. You can finish a simple work during this time, and take it home after the class. Works you can make include birthday, business, and invitation cards.

Each workshop costs 298 yuan (US$43.18) per person for lesson, takehome supplies and treats and light refreshments.



This small art studio is located in a beautiful three-story house.The room is filled with various kinds of easels, painting tools and colorful artworks. Lemon, a cat belonging to the owner,lies on the sofa all day. It is the mascot of this store, which also gets its name from the cat.

The owner James Hu, who has more than 20 years of painting experience, is also a teacher here. He teaches oil painting, traditional Chinese painting and glass painting.

“All the paints are acrylic,which can dry very fast,” James said. “This enables our customers to bring their work home without waiting.”

Another highlight here is glass painting. You can paint your work on two or three layers of glasses, and then put them together on a shelf for a complete view.


The glasses are small and delicate,which are suitable for home decoration.

There are workshops and longterm classes. Those who have no painting experience can learn the skills and complete a work in three to four hours under the guidance of teachers. You can choose pictures from the books in the studio, or bring your own pictures here. The price for a painting is 100-200 yuan. If your picture is complicated, it will cost more.

You need to make a reservation first. After you finish your painting,you can choose a frame, and then take it with you home.



This small but exquisite bar is hidden in an old building near the Bund. Walk up through dark stairs, and you will see it on the second floor.

Barluck has a larger collection of liquor than many other bars. With more than 200 kinds of wines, beers and other spirits, customers can find whatever they want here.

You can order a drink just like in an ordinary bar,or you can try the unique service here — make your own cocktail. Shen Kuokuo, the bar owner, worked as a bartender at Peace Hotel. He is also available for teaching bartending.

“In other bars, there are at most 20 kinds of popular cocktails on the menu. But in my bar, you can make any cocktail you want. This is a bar which has endless possibilities,” Shen said.

There are a lot of choices. You can learn to make all kinds of cocktail, or tell the bartender the kind of drink you want. He will design the recipe for you,and then teach you how to mix it. Making a glass of cocktail takes about 15 minutes. You can learn about the basics of bartending by spending a whole night there.


The price for a glass of cocktail is 88 yuan.

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164