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A cultural melting pot of entertainment

"iDEAL Hot Events" is a special monthly column which compiles popular activities and events in the city. It covers exhibitions, concerts, drama performances and other fun activities. This useful guide introduces readers to the novelties of Shanghai every month. If you have any suggestions and recommendations, please contact us at zhengqiong@ shanghaidaily.com. Scan the QR code for more recommendations.

Summer is coming! Another 10 hot events exclusively selected for you are in town. From artistic exhibition, classic drama, children’s musical to an exotic pop concert — all these exciting activities promise to give you a lot of fun in the next few coming days. Sophie Wang and Joan Zheng guide.

Win free tickets to  show of Valérie Belin

Date: July 1-August 24, 10:30am-5:30pm 

Venue: Shanghai Center of Photography

How to join: 

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2. Send a message of your name + mobile number to the WeChat before July 3. 

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French culture in China is hosting first Belin exhibition at Croisements Festival

Highlight: Clever constructs taking delight in visual confusion

Valérie Belin.jpg

“Valérie Belin: Meta- clichés” is the artist’s first exhibition in China and is part of the Croisements Festival, the annual celebration of French culture in China. 

Valérie Belin, a French artist, explores the materiality of matter, primarily using the human form and its manmade and virtual representations. a central theme of her work is the boundary between reality and illusion. in approach, Belin makes deft use of light, detail, texture and color. She works in series, and a form of “photography” that requires skills at digital manipulation as well as sensitivity to the physical material used for the final work itself. The individual pieces are never simple reproductions. 

Artist to subvert conventions of museum building gallery space

Highlight: An unexpected use of time, space, light and sound

Philippe Parreno Synchronicity.jpg

The rockbund art Museum will present a major solo exhibition by French artist, Philippe Parreno, his first in China. 

Curated by the director of the museum, larys Frogier, the exhibition will occupy four of the museum’s six floors and extend to the seventh floor. 

Over the past 20 years, Parreno has radically redefined the exhibition going experience by exploring its possibilities as a medium in its own right. realized in dialogue with the physicality and functionality of the museum’s architecture, the exhibition will alter the building’s current existence through a use of time, space, light, and sound to become a semi-automated puppet, a perpetual motion of events in which Parreno subverts the conventions of the gallery space.

Animated display celebrating culture of being young 

Highlight: Joy of childhood created by Japanese artists

Innocent Love.jpg

This exhibition in Je Fine art Gallery focuses on two young Japanese artists: Nakada ikumi and Nyubo abe, while works of some other Japanese artists are also presented. The whole exhibition is animated and full of joy of childhood. 

Ikumi is born in Saitama in 1982. her work focuses on naughty and lovely children. With pencil and paint, her work is delicate, simple and elegant.

Also born in 1982, abe mainly makes wood carvings. The most famous work of him is “The Boy with long arms.” With long arms, bent body and pure color, the work presents a boy who dares to pursue his dream.

Exploring traditional 17th century Baroque music

Highlight: An outstanding ensemble directed by Christina Pluhar

Christina Pluhar & L’Arpeggiata Concert.jpg

Christina Pluhar, founder and artistic director of the l’arpeggiata, devoted herself to the studies of the lute, theorbo, baroque guitar and baroque harp at the royal Conservatory in the hague (Netherlands) with Toyohiko Satoh, at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis (Switzerland) with hopkinson Smith, and at the Schuola Civica di Milano (italy) with Mara Galassi.

Founded in 2000, l’arpeggiata is an outstanding ensemble directed by Pluhar. 

Its members are some of today’s best soloists and in addition they work in collaboration with some exceptional singers from the Baroque and the traditional music worlds. 

Their aim is to revive an almost unknown repertoire and to focus their artistic work especially from the beginning of the 17th century.

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Anglo-Aussie band looking to make a big Splashh

Highlight: Psychedelic music from Britain 

Splashh new album “Waiting for A Lifetime” first China Tour.jpg

Splashh was formed in 2012 by friends Sasha Carlson and Toto Vivian. The pair have been making music together since they were teenagers in the suburbs of australia, which to be fair, was only a few years ago. 

Their debut album, “Comfort,” recorded entirely on their own with a home studio in their london house, was released in 2013 to critical acclaim. With praise from NMe, BBC, The Guardian, Clash, Drowned in Sound, Q, and many other tastemakers, the band hit the road in support of the album touring extensively through the uK, europe, america and australia. 

The band now has the resources to preach their gospel worldwide, and will be touring extensively in support of their release.

A plunge into a tempestuous affair of passion and desire

Highlight: A brutal sense of loss and longing

National Theatre Live The Deep Blue Sea.jpg

heleN McCrory and Tom Burke will bring “The Deep Blue Sea” to Shanghai. it is a devastating masterpiece, playing one of the greatest female roles in contemporary drama.

The story started in a house in ladbroke Grove, West london, in 1952. When hester Collyer is found by her neighbors in the aftermath of a failed suicide attempt, the story of her tempestuous affair with a former raF pilot and the breakdown of her marriage to a high Court judge begins to emerge.

With it comes a portrait of need, loneliness and long-repressed passion. Behind the fragile veneer of post-war civility burns a brutal sense of loss and longing.

Japanese band offers a cutting edge to music

Highlight: Very original masterpieces with unique lyrical world

RADWIMPS 2017 Asia Live Tour in Shanghai.jpg

Japanese band Radwimps keeps a high level of musicianship while retaining a pop sound as they flawlessly cross over genres. Soon after their debut they have become one of the most popular fourpiece rock bands with a cutting edge in the Japanese music scene. Their concert tickets are one of the hottest tickets in Japan causing the toughest battles among fans. 

Radwimps composed and played the entire soundtrack for the critically acclaimed, award winning anime movie “Your Name”, which opened in Japan during the summer 2016. 

The movie was also welcomed with acclaim in the uK in November 2016. in addition to the movie becoming a record breaking hit around the world, the soundtrack they produced has also been highly acclaimed.

Barking mad tale between Shaun and his friend Bitzer

Highlight: Funny physical performances and lively music


“Shaun the Sheep” from the uK is sure to have audiences in fits of laughter. The original version of the show was typically British with funny physical performances and lively music. 

The story is about the sheep Shaun and the dog Bitzer saving a tree from being cut down on the farm. 

The tree provides them with a place to escape from the sun and a place to play. however, the farmer wants to cut it down to make firewood to keep his house warm. 

Shaun, Bitzer and the other sheep set out to save the tree from the farmer and his fire.

SOL launching inaugural season of musical theatre

Highlight: Dynamic and unique modern dance

Modern Dance ‘SALE' by SOL Dance Company.jpg

Modern Dance “Sale” by SOl Dance Company will be staged at Shanghai international Dance Center this month. 

SOl Dance Company was founded in 2016. The ensemble is comprised of six dynamic and unique dancers who inspire and create an artistic atmosphere. The dancers and work, reach the audience in an intimate and human manner. The company is launching its inaugural season at the Be’er Sheva house of Dance Theater.

In this dance performance, many topics related to the life will be discussed, such as soul, games, rules, sale and consumption. 

The piece is teasing everything that is a challenge, challenges in life, with society, with games and rules, with capitalism and with the results of people’s actions.

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Mermaid story brought to life through the art of dance

Highlight: Wonderful ballet version of classic fairy tale

Classic ballet Mermaid.jpg

Russian Far east National Ballet ensemble, one of the best children ballet companies in the world, will present the classic ballet “Mermaid” at Majestic Theater this month.

This beautiful performance is suitable for both children and adults.

Founded in 1969, the ballet ensemble performs across 20 countries all over the world. 

Over the past 40 years, the ensemble has completed several national tours. 

The ballet tells the story of mermaid who has the beautiful voice in the sea.

A diversified dance style is used in the performance. audiences will be amazed by the fantastic stage effect.

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