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Papa John’s is the Hawaiian five-O star pizza
By Sophie Wang and Joan Zheng

Hawaiian pizza, a staple offering of pizzerias around the world, is made up of a dough crust, tomato sauce, bacon, and pineapple rings or chunks. With sweet and savory flavors, it is always among the most popular pizzas. Today, the Guide selects four 9-inch Hawaiian pizzas from four popular chain stores in Shanghai. Compete out a best choice for you. Sophie Wang and Joan Zheng guide.

☟  This time, we invited two foreigners to join us with the judement. See how the Italian and the Ukrainian eat, taste and judge Hawaiian pizza.

From the test, we have got the following data:

Tools: A chopping board, an electronic scale, a knife and a ruler


Criteria: Thickness of crust,net weight, weight of ingredients,proportion

of ingredients


First, measure the thickness of the crust.


Second, weigh it.

step 2_副本.jpg

step2 (2)_副本.jpg

Third, remove ingredients and weigh them.

Last, eat and judge the taste!

What about their flavors? Let’s see more details about these five brands.

Pizza Hut


Founded in 1958, it has more than 16,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries over the world. The first branch in China was founded in Beijing in 1990. With more than 55 years of experience, it offers various kinds of pizzas, drinks and desserts.

Hawaiian Pizza here has a rich taste of cheese. The crust is soft,while a little thicker than ones from the other three chain stores.The whole taste is well-balanced.However, you will feel a strong taste of flour which gives the feeling that it’s a little uncooked.

Price: 58 yuan (US$8.54)

Average thickness of crust: 2cm

Rank: ★★★



Founded in 1960, it is one of the world’s leaders in pizza delivery,operating in a network of stores in the United States, as well as international markets. Now, Domino’s operates in 14,000 stores in more than 85 countries around the world. The first Domino’s in China was founded in 1997, Beijing.

The Hawaiian Pizza here is a little salty and has a rich taste of ketchup. The crust is crispy, but dry. But the pineapples are sweet and tasty.

Price: 42 yuan

Average thickness of crust: 1cm

Rank: ★★★★

Papa John’s


It is an American chain brand founded by John Schnatter in 1984.Papa John’s has become the third largest chain in the USA with over 4,000 restaurants worldwide.

Although with a pale appearance,the Hawaiian pizza is quite delicious.Its balanced flavor won the highest evaluation from the members of the Guide PK tasting group. The crust is soft, and the pineapples and bacon is fresh. With enough cheese and tomato sauce, it tastes juicy and delicate.The bonus butter garlic sauce and hot onion gave it an extra taste.

Price: 71 yuan

Average thickness of crust: 1.5cm

Rank: ★★★★★



Opened in 2009, it is one of most popular pizza chain brands in China. This restaurant is well-known for durian pizza, a special pizza type combining durian and cheese together.

The Hawaiian pizza offered here is ordinary. The crust is too thin and tough, while the toppings are not as fresh as the others. The pineapples are in less supply than other Hawaiian pizzas, and the corns and bacon taste salty, which

placed this pizza at the bottom of these four brands.

Price: 48 yuan

Average thickness of crust: 1.5cm

Rank: ★★

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164