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Popular sugary treat bound to thrill the tastebuds

Editor's note:

This column features traditional Shanghai snacks. Some of them are still popular and famous, while some others have been almost forgotten. The Shanghai Daily team aims to discmaking and, of course, recommending places to eat them. Another focus point is on those masters in making snacks. Follow us and you will enjoy the original taste of Shanghai. If you have any suggestions and recommendations, please contact us at .com.

Sugar paste, a traditional Shanghai snack, is made by dough and sugar. Mix the dough and sugar together and fry it, and a golden sugar paste will soon come out the pot. Crispy on the outside and soft inside, this sweet snack is popular among many local people.


Liu Fei, a pastry cook from Huai'an, Jiangsu, hosts a breakfast store on dongjiangyin Street with his wife. They offer traditional snacks like fried fritters, soybean milk, and of course, sugar paste. The sugar paste here has a special sweet filling, which is apparently different from others.


"I have been making sugar paste since 2003," says Bian Buqin, wife of the shopkeeper. "In 2013, an old Shanghai master helped me make the sugar paste fitter for the local flavor. He gave us a secret pastry recipe. It helped us to make our pastries better."

Customers come for their snacks from 6am. If you want to enjoy a sugar paste, you need to go early, because they won't make sugar pastes after 6:20am every  day.

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