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Relaxing haven for you and your beloved pets
By Joan Zheng

For many pet lovers, it’s a real pity they can’t bring their loved ones to most public areas. But don’t fret, there are several wonderful parks and leisure spaces in Shanghai — some that you may not be so familiar with — where your hairy and furry friends are welcome to come and play! Joan Zheng has selected some of the best for you.


Shanghai Gongqing Forest Park 共青森林公园

Highlights: A beautiful forest park suitable for outdoor events

In proximity to Huangpu River, it is one of the largest parks in Shanghai. With large green lawns and open areas, this forest park is suitable for dogs to play around.

This beautiful forest park has a long history and it provides Shanghai with a cozy area for enjoying various scenery of nature.


It features tall trees, mixed flowers for every different season, a bamboo forest and various themed areas. The park also holds an annual flower show for visitors to see and smell fantastic fragrant blooms of around 200 species.

For outdoor enthusiasts, all kinds of outdoor leisure activities can be chosen here. You can ride horses, go fishing, fly kites, climbing, or have a barbecue with your friends here.

If you are barbecue lovers, the park has created the perfect spot for a summer outdoor gathering. You can bring your own barbeque set and prepare food with your close friends, of course, you can take your dogs with you to enjoy beautiful summertime.


Shenlong Ecological Garden 申隆生态园

Highlights: A wonderful nature park featuring beautiful ecological landscapes

Located near Golden Beach in Fengxian district, the garden is a wonderful nature park featuring beautiful ecological landscapes,unique architectures of antique flavor, chic islands, abundant trees and various orchards.

The park covers an area of 785 hectares, having a huge area for families and their pets to have fun or take part in some outdoor activities.


Varieties of plants and winding paths lead visitors into the real mountains and enjoy the fantastic nature scenery.

The air is clean and fresh, and climate is pleasant during March to november.

The bird island is one of the most popular sites in the park. The ecological garden includes 36 hectares of bird protection zone, where you can find more than 87 species of precious birds, including parrots, myna, peacock, swan and cormorant.

For people who like leisure activities, fishing, boat drifting, cycling or having barbecue with your families and friends are the good choices on the weekends.


Pets’ Playground in West Bund 西岸

Highlights: The first specialized park for pets in Shanghai

The park, covering 2,500 square meters, is the first specialized park for pets in Shanghai. With large grassland and open areas, it is a nice place for your furry and hairy friends to run and play.

This large playground for pets is divided into two play zones for large and small dogs respectively.


Please note that the cleaning tools and plastic bags for removing dog droppings are offered free of charge. according to the regulation, the pet owners must clean and remove excrement before they leave the place.

Besides, don’t forget to leash your dogs outside of the pets’playground. When your dogs enter the dog zone, leashes and anti-bite masks can be taken off.

Shanghai Binhai Forest Park 上海滨海森林公园

Highlights: A wide open place for sightseeing, recreation and education

As  one of the city’s largest suburban forest parks, it covers around 3.58 million square meters and is located near Shanghai Binhai Golf course in Pudong new area.

The park provides visitors with a wide open place for sightseeing, recreation and education.For pets, it also a good place for them to run about and play.


The park retains a lot of beautiful ecological scenery and it highlights the wildness and the original flavor of nature.

It provides a comfortable and natural space for visitors to relax and escape from the high pressure of work. 

All kinds of outdoor events are offered here, such as rowing, fishing, riding, having a barbecue, cycling, playing golf and enjoying an aquashow.

Take your lovely pets to enjoy the charm of the nature!

Thames Town 泰晤士小镇

Highlights: A distinctive English town with a wide range of leisure and shopping attractions

Covering 500,000 square meters, it is a distinctive English dwelling in Songjiang new city with a wide range of leisure, vacations, conference and shopping attractions. now it becomes an integrate venue combing residential areas, museums, boutiques and leisure spaces for families and, of course, your lovely pets.


In addition to the Thames River, highlights also include Songjiang Art Museum, Songjiang city Planning exhibition Hall, vintage red telephone booths, western-style buildings and churches. It is also a nice place for you and your cute puppies to take photos and spend a wonderful weekend.

Shanghai Yuehu Sculpture Park 月湖雕塑公园

Highlights: An attractive park for people to feel the charm of sculpture art

Located in Sheshan national Resort, it is a special themed park, creating a new public area for people to feel

the charm of sculpture art. It provides a large open area for visitors and pets to relax.


There are over 20 sculpture art pieces by sculptors from 10 different countries like Netherlands, Canada, German and Japan.

In the park, the natural scenery and sculptures form a perfect combination bringing a pleasurable experience.

The park is divided into four gardens, celebrating the four seasons. The spring zone features an opera stage built out on the water and a crystal palace. In the autumn zone, cobblestone pathways are strewn with golden tree leaves. It’s a popular site for wedding photos.

The summer zone features a sandy beach created with 5,000 tons of imported sand, flanked by trees up to 12 meters high, while the winter zone features a pavilion in the center of the lake.

More places to recommend for pets’owners

Zhujiajiao Ancient Town 朱家角古镇

Opening times: 8:30am-4:30pm

Address: 36 Meizhou Road, Zhujiajiao Town

Tickets: 30 yuan

Sheshan National Forest Park 佘山国家森林公园

Opening times: 8am-4:30pm

Address: 9142 Qingsong Highway

Tickets: Free

Qingpu Tianchi Island 青浦天池岛

Opening times: 8:30am-4:30pm

Address: 88 Yuanbei Road, Xinta Town

Tickets: 35 yuan

Tomato Entertainment Center 番茄休闲中心

Opening times: 24h

Address: Xinwu Town

Tickets: 20yuan

Shanghai Pudong Ling Kong Agric Gardening Co, Ltd 


Opening times: 8:30am-4:30pm

Address: 1 Huazhou Road. S

Tickets: 80 yua

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164