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To market, to market: here’s where to go

As the biggest flower and bird market in Shanghai — Caojiadu Flower and Bird Market — will close at the end of this year. Where else to buy flowers and pets in Shanghai? The Guide picks out some of the best other markets scattered across different districts of Shanghai for you. Follow Sophie Wang.

Huangpu District

A small, crowded gem

In the downtown area, Wanshang Flower and Bird Market is small and crowded. There is a small map at the entrance, giving visitors a clear guide.

This market has a great variety of small pets. You’ll find rabbits, birds, dogs, crickets, insects and fish. Many stores sell crickets, and the prices range from 5 to 80 yuan (US$0.75 to 12).


Tortoises are also a highlight, as there are many rare breeds of tortoises here. There is an antique market and a second-hand market nearby.

Xuhui District

Cozy, fragrant

Filled with the fragrance of flowers, Qinqing Flower Market is clean and cozy. Some stores are outdoor, but most stores are indoor.

Those outdoors are cheaper. There is a big glasshouse at the entrance, in which there are some rare flowers. 


Shopkeepers will tell you how to grow these flowers. Succulents and narcissuses are suitable for those with green thumbs. You can also find fish, insects and birds here.

Putuo District

Everything you want is here

Lanling Flower and Bird Market is the biggest flower and bird market in Putuo District. You can find everything you want here. Stores inside are clean and nicely decorated.

The market is divided into three parts: flowers, succulents and pets. The price of succulents ranges from 10 yuan to thousands of yuan, while flowers are relatively cheap, except the imported ones. 


You can also DIY a bouquet in flower stores.

Another highlight is some specialty stores with offerings such as reptiles and ferrets. In summer, there are many vendors selling crickets. There is even a pet hospital and a curio store with an entire antique city.

Minhang District

Jade, rosewood and veges

Meilong Flower and Bird Market is not very big, but it is clean. It has a wide variety of plants and pets, while there is also some jade and rosewood. A vegetable market is just behind it.

The highlight is a big glasshouse, in which there are various kinds of succulents. Most of them are common breeds, and those rare ones are expensive. Pets here include rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens and ducks. You can also find tropical fish and cabrites. 


Goods in the stores near the entrance are a little more expensive than those inside.

Hongkou District

This little piggy goes to market

Quyang Flower and Bird Market has been open for nearly 20 years. Although small and crowded, it provides various kinds of flowers and plants. For some of the rarer ones, the price is a little more expensive than other markets. 


Pets here include cats, dogs, hamsters and so on. A store selling miniature pigs is a highlight. There are also aquarium stores, curios shops and a pet cafe nearby.

Yangpu District

2-story attraction

Benxi Flower and Bird Market has many stores inside. The first floor sells plants, fish, dogs and insects, while the second floor features birds and bird food. Many locals bring their pets here to play with each other on weekend.


Some special pets include scorpions, scolopendras and squirrels. Some stores near the entrance may have higher prices, so you need to shop around more before you make a decision.

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