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Couches of comfort and multi-functions
By Wang Jie


Big space saver

If your apartment is small and narrow, try this multi-functional chair, which serves as a seat, a light and a night stand. It is a good solution for those without much space at home.

A rocker and a recliner

The bottom of this chair is equipped with two wheels. When placed in the center, it becomes a rocking chair. When placed in the front, it allows the chair to become a recliner. Slip the wheels to the back and the chair leans forward, making it perfect for working.

Energy-saving couch

The solar energy couch is great if you want to curl up and read a good book or watch a good movie. It can also charge various devices like mobile phones due to its solar energy panel.

Light up the night

Many dream of owning a private garden with two couches where a couple can spend a warm afternoon. This chair functions as a light and a comfortable place to sit in. Now, you can sit comfortably in the night and still be able to see and to be seen.

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