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Cultural hub located in heart of corporate base
By Nie Xin

DURING its 15 years of development, Jinqiao area in the Pudong New Area has become one of the most desirable bases in Shanghai for corporations setting up regional headquarters, research and development centers and other high-tech manufacturing industries. Alongside this, it also features a life hub.

Opened to the public in the end of 2009, Life Hub @ Jinqiao has become not only a commercial center, but a cultural center as well, hosting various art exhibitions and performances, such as the Exhibition of Contemporary Artists during this year's Spring Festival, a jazz concert just yesterday and upcoming performances by Swiss Tobias Preisig and Hildegard Lernt Fliegen on Saturday and local pop singer-song composer Wang Hao next Monday.

"In Shanghai, city-wide infrastructure improvements and rising property prices have prompted a large number of residents and businesses to migrate to non-core urban and suburban areas, resulting in an increasing demand for better places to live, work, shop and play in these localities," says Fanny Leung, vice president of Hong Kong Chongbang Group, developer of Life Hub @ Jinqiao, which also includes Daning and Jiading complexes in its resume.

Life Hub @ Jinqiao is prominently located at the junction of Jinqiao and Zhangyang roads, in the heart of the Pudong New Area. It is connected with Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone in the west and Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone in the north. It is also close to Jinqiao Export Processing Zone and Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park in the south and adjacent to the city intersection of the Middle-Ring Road.

Jinqiao area, with many upscale apartments and villas in its vicinity, complemented with a full range of international and national educational facilities, attracts a large numbers of expats and entrepreneurs from other parts of China to live there.

Career development opportunities, the availability of middle to high residential developments and an improved transport system persuade a large number of young, well-educated and upwardly mobile professionals to relocate in Jinqiao.

Against this background Life Hub @ Jinqiao is positioned to cater to the urban living needs of the middle to high-range market.

The key note is value for money. Its development objective is to create a multi-functional hub catering to the needs of Pudong residents and businesses.

The life hub, occupying 60,000 square meters in area, is a mall within a park.

The architecture style features modern with traditional elements and its eight major functions include offices, retail, food and beverage and entertainment.

"In Shanghai today, where people are aspiring to a higher standard of living across the board, Life Hub @ Jinqiao attempts to decipher 'LOHAS'," says Leung.

LOHAS refers to five basic components - Love, Originality, Health, Art and Style, she explains.

Tapping into this, a monthlong exhibition of vinyl records collections, "Black LP Is Going On," is running until the end of October at the hub.

Some 800 LPs lent by the individual collectors and stores are on display both at Jinqiao and a venue in Jiading. Life Hub @ Jinqiao has 300 classic discs on display.

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