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Top animal photos spread word: Share love

TOUCHING animal photos have been honored by Animals Asia to celebrate World Animal Day on October 4.

The total number of participants reached 28,800 and around 2,500 photos entered the competition titled "It and Me, Share Love" by e-mail and microblog sites. Posts and reposts hit 135,000.

November, award-winning photos will be exhibited around China.

Here are a few of winning photos.

A-Category: Most touching

The subject is sad-eyed dog, one of 100 strays adopted by an elderly woman in Beijing. Despite hardships, she never abandoned any animal. Many are abandoned by their owners because they are sick or because the owners move. The photo aims to encourage pet owners to take responsibility.

B-Category: We are a family

Arthur, a Beijing dog, runs on the grass with his owners, the Zhu family, during an outing. The 7-year-old dog has been a family companion since he was born. The family takes Arthur on vacations. Last year Arthur even took part in the wedding of Zhu's son.

C-Category: Let's laugh

This family photo shows a mother-to-be surnamed Shi with her husband and her dog Bei'er from Chengdu, Sichuan Province. When Shi was pregnant, many friends urged her to give up the dog, because of the baby. But she kept Bei'er. "We're one family, not one less," Shi says.

D-Category: Vagrant angels

This picture was taken in an animal rescue center in Kunming, Yunnan Province, where strays are cared for. The animals have shelter, food, water and caring volunteers.

E-Category: Most creative

The subject is a stray dog, Bella Ma, eating a carrot. The dog was adopted by a girl surnamed Ma in Shenzhen. Bella Ma appears to be striking a pose with her carrot. The message: Even though it's impossible for everyone to be a vegetarian, we hope people will eat less meat and respect life.

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