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From simple blogger to fashion pundit
By Patsy Yang

GALA Gonzalez is the kind of woman other women may envy. She owns an extensive wardrobe that would make most women jealous.

The 26-year-old famous Spanish fashion blogger is a graduate from UAL in London. She has been blogging since 2006 on her blog amlul.com.

A stroll through the archives of Gonzalez's blog will tell you that she dresses with confidence and freedom. She adjusts trends to make them her own.

The success of her blog has presented many new opportunities including working as a stylist and consulting for very different brands and doing several cameos as an actress for short movies and major TV adverts in Spain, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Argentina. Since 2009, she's been a contributor to Vogue Spain and for the past six months she has hosted her own online show at Vogue called "Gala Confidential."

Spanish fashion brand Mango Touch, the Mango brand dedicated to accessories and footwear, asked Gonzalez to design a capsule collection of accessories for autumn/winter 2012. 

How did you enter the fashion world? Did you receive any formal fashion education?

I studied womenswear (fashion design technology at Central St Martins and London College of Fashion) in London. In my second year of university I started working as creative director for a very well-known Spanish label where I designed, and in 2009 I designed my very own collection for them.

I come from a fashion family who has been working in fashion retail for more than 30 years. My uncle is one of the most respected Spanish designers of all time and I had the chance to learn directly from him, which has helped me improve my skills.

Please introduce your fashion blog and tell us what inspired it?

My blog features my life within the fashion industry from my very own point of view. I started the blog early in 2006 when there were hardly any bloggers, so I'm one of the oldest in the industry. With a naturally eclectic style that doesn't follow any other guidelines but my own, I have attracted an international following. 

How did your style evolve to become one that is unique and made you the darling of the fashion circle?

I adjust the trends to become my own, not being a trend slave but to make them work with my own personal style. Over the years my style has evolved, yet always has that bohemian feeling that characterizes myself.

You designed accessories for Mango Touch. Can you talk about the collaboration? How did they approach you? And what's your design concept for Mango?

I designed a whole accessories collection featuring jewelry, shoes and handbags. When I was asked to design a party collection to be launched during Christmas, I felt I needed to show my own style for the clients to identify with myself but also to make it according to the brief, sexy and glamorous. That's why you'll find loads of velvet and gold.

How do you decide what to wear each day?

I always let my mood decide for me. 

What are your favorite brands and the few items in your wardrobe that you cannot live without?

I adore brands such as Proenza Schouler, Mango, Sandro (Paris), Maje, Prada, Theysken's Theory, TopShop ... I like things that adjust to my needs but that are trendy and comfortable ... I travel a lot and I believe it's not about the price but to meet my needs as I'm a very modern and practical woman who wants to be stylish at all times.

Do you have any fashion icon you look up to?

I adore Anita Pallenberg's style.

What is your best source for fashion updates?

I tend to search sites that feature street styles and current trends and catwalks such as www.style.com, www.thefancy.com or www.vogue.com.

What do you think about the current fashion world? What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is where I grew up, my whole family has spent their entire lives working on and for it, so it is not just an obsession or fascination but something I grew up with and it has become part of me. It's the way we express to the rest of the world who we are or how we want to be seen. It's fantastic but a very hard job.

Any upcoming projects we should look out for?

I'm currently working in a few new TV spots that soon will be revealed, but you should wait for there is going to be big news regarding my DJ career because there will be much to be heard and to talk about since being signed to a major record label. 

For this autumn/winter season, can you give us your style tips? And please pick some must-have fashion items for the season.

This winter is all about big coats and funky prints in combined suits. So go and get a matching suit in earthy colors or if you dare try mustards!

- Transparent PVC in shoes and handbags are a must. Go for a handbag from my collection to not miss the trend!

- Big collars. Invest on a faux fur collar to glam up your coats and jackets.

- Two-piece suit in a funky print.

- Sexy heels! Go for velvet and embroidery!

- Head jewelry is a big trend, especially for the holidays.

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