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Style-conscious stretch that never stands still
By Yang Di

FUXING Road W. in the former French concession is famous for its old villas, tree-lined sidewalks, lifestyle shops and chic restaurants. As businesses come and go, the section starting at the corner with Wukang Road to the intersections with Yongfu Road and Wuyuan Road, in particular, is worth checking out every couple of months. This stretch has become a favorite haunt for the style-conscious and foodies looking for a casual drink or decent meal. And as autumn is a beautiful season in the city, what better time to go in search of Fuxing Road's hidden gems.


Outmoded+ is a new furniture showroom on Fuxing Road W. worth checking out. The store looks small outside, but when you step inside, you will find it very spacious, occupying an inner space of 73 square meters and a garden of 80 square meters. Specializing in furniture in vintage French style, the store imports mostly from America and Europe, including Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn and A&B from America, and Pomax from Belgium. Accessories are mostly imported from India, and are updated every month. The earth-tone furniture and other items in the shop are so tastefully displayed that you may be tempted to call it home. Chair prices start from 1,000 yuan (US$158.7), going up to 2,000 yuan, while the most expensive furniture in the store is a leather three-seater sofa, which costs 30,000 yuan. Accessories range from 100 yuan for a small coffee cup to 2,000 yuan for a vintage jewelry box.

Opening hours: 11am-9pm

Address: 141 Fuxing Rd W.

Tel: 6054-2338

B U'rself

B U'rself is a fashion boutique on Fuxing Road W. that specializes in delicate, extremely limited styles. Most of the clothes in the shop are designed by the French owner, who has the Chinese name Wang Lan. The boutique is popular among chic city girls and nearby residents because each piece is very limited - with at most two of each item. This season, Wang has chosen Chinese red and black as a main color scheme and pays a lot of attention to the details of the design. Customers can also choose the gray collection which is very elegant, lady-like and good quality - creating a calm and slightly serious look. Most garments are priced from around 700 yuan (US$111) to 1500 yuan. Winter coats are about 2,500 yuan to 2,800 yuan. Accessories, such as belts, range from 220 yuan to 360 yuan. Customers get a 10 percent discount on purchases of more than 1,000 yuan at one time, while 15 percent discounts are offered as a permanent bonus for those who spend more than 3,000 yuan at one time.

Opening hours: 11am-9pm

Address: 63 Fuxing Rd W.

Tel: 5408-3506


A one-year-old Italian eatery on leafy Yongfu Road, Nene has become a top choice in the area for lunch or a romantic dinner. Once you step inside the open-kitchen restaurant, it immediately feels like home. Managing partner Santo Greco said that they didn't want the eatery to be pretentious but a welcoming space for lovers of real Italian food. Hailing from Salento in south Italy, Greco brings a mix of Salento and Milano recipes at Nene. Some of the must-try recipes include eggplant parmiggiana (98 yuan/US$15.7), Minestrone vegetable soup (48 yuan) and orecchiette with broccoli and anchovies (138 yuan), a typical pasta from Puglia. To match the authentic Italian food, they only offer southern Italian wines, with around 50 varieties. A glass starts from 58 to 118 yuan. It is recommended to taste the wine from a glass then to open a bottle. The restaurant accommodates up to 50 guests for a seated dinner. A full-course dinner costs 1,000 yuan including a bottle of wine. The business lunch set starts at 78 yuan to 128 yuan per person.

Opening hours: 11am-midnight

Address: No. 106, 47 Yongfu Rd

Tel: 6418-5055

Lolo Love Vintage

Lolo Love Vintage prides itself on uniqueness and rarity. Shop owner Lolo travels the world and carefully hand picks vintage items from the 1920s to 1970s and sells them at the shop on Yongfu Road. The sprawling space, with an attached small garden, has been decked out in the owner's very personal style in true vintage spirit. This is the third location for Lolo's shop and the current space has almost double the amount of stock than the previous one on Wuyuan Road. Lolo has developed a loyal following of fashionistas and vintage lovers - especially in the 20 to 35-year-old bracket - over the past few years. Some of the best finds on display include 1920s vintage wedding dresses, 1970s silk shirts, retro earrings and dramatic hats. It's a shopping adventure to browse the collections and discover a treasure. Prices start from 10 yuan (US$1.6) for a small accessory to 9,999 yuan for a vintage wedding dress.

Opening hours: 1-9pm

Address: 2 Yongfu Rd

Tel: 6433-9987

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164