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Giving city kids an early start in education
By Pan Zheng

NO parent is willing to see his or her own kid fall behind from the very beginning - they always want their beloved babies to learn more, so that their little guys can achieve a good position in this competitive world when they grow up.

As parents plan for their children to start learning earlier and earlier, traditional kindergartens cannot satisfy such needs. Therefore, early education, also called pre-school education, comes to play and provides good options for young parents.

Early education refers to education for 0-6 years olds. For a very long time early education has been considered as an important element to the future success. Now, the rapid social and economic development in China also makes early education more and more important to parents.

Here are some early education centers in the city.

Elite Baby

This early education center has dozens of branches in the country, and in Shanghai there are 12.

It provides classified courses for children of different ages, including four series - Baby Play series and Baby Star series for up to two and a half; Pre-Baby MBA series for two and a half to three; Baby MBA series for three to six years old.

While Baby Play series focuses on the development of a baby's senses, movement and creativity, Baby Star series is more comprehensive, to inspire baby's potentials in language, mathematics and logic, space, body movement, music, communication, self-knowledge and observation ability.

The series of Pre-Baby MBA and Baby MBA introduces the interactive games in MBA courses combined with a multimedia lecture system to make learning fun. The center also has courses for expat kids.

Call 5358-1181 or 400-888-0061, or visit the website www.elitebaby.cn for more information.


Established in the United States in 1976, Gymboree entered Chinese market of early education in 2003 and now has nearly 150 education centers all over the country, including 13 in Shanghai.

Gymboree advocates learning through happiness, understanding the uniqueness of kids and establishing an environment of "affirmation." It provides bilingual courses in English and Chinese and encourages parents to participate in the games together.

Music and art courses are the specialty of Gymboree, and its another special course series "Global Kids" will provides kids with a complete and comprehensive growing plan.

Call 2080-5666 or visit www.gymboree.com.cn.

Liu Education Consulting

Different from traditional early education centers, the Liu Education Consulting is specialized in helping kids with autism and learning disabilities through the idea of "Love and Inspiration, Unlimited."

With over 30 years' practice, Liu's Child has developed a series of courses and helped over 250,000 children 3-16 years old to improve their learning efficiency and abilities in expressing, writing, reading, understanding, mood control, behavior and social communication.

Established in 1979, it was the first educational institute for kids with learning disabilities in China. In 1988, it added courses for kids with attention deficit, hyperactivity disorder and autism.

It takes the "learning ability" of children as the core concept of its education, based on courses from Taiwan.

Liu's Education Consulting has three centers in Shanghai.

Call 5458-0606 or visit www.liuchild.com for more information.

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164