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Something to warm you up on a cold winter's day
By Wang Jie

IN December, the temperature in Shanghai drops to zero. Walking on the street in the freezing cold, you might be warmed with a cup of hot tea or coffee in your hands.

Here we look for dessert shops on the streets of Jiading District that can warm us up.


Entering a small lane on the western part of the Lantern Square on Qinghe Road, you will find a new dessert shop. The name of the shop is quite simple - Hu. The decoration of the shop uses the dark brown as the general tone. The two-storied shop appears clean and warm, a suitable venue for three or five people to have a leisurely time. Besides coffee, cake, milk tea and hand-made cookies, the shop also prepares gingersnaps for the coming Christmas.

When enjoying afternoon tea on upstairs, you can look out of the wooden window and see the hustle and bustle on Zhouqiao Old Street.

Address: 25, Lane 66, Chengzhong Rd, Jiading Town

Cost: 30 yuan

IMO Workshop

Ladies can't miss those delicious desserts. Sited on Fuhai Road, IMO Workshop specializes in mango and taro. Taro-made desserts are popular on the street, and IMO taro is delicious and high quality. If one wants to get a cool feeling this winter, then the super mango ice drink is a good choice.

The decoration of the small shop is quite simple yet artistic with a wall of pictures that stamped with all kinds of memories shared with the customers and the shop owner. There is also free Wi-Fi for customers.

Address: 280-1, Fuhai Rd, Jiading Town

Cost: 25 yuan

Milk Shop

There are four Milk Shops on Zhouqiao Old Street and the shop even has a branch as far as in downtown Putuo District. Customers can buy a jar of fresh milk-made pudding at Milk Shop. The diluted fresh milk scattered with some salt and mixed with sweet pudding seems to create a magical chemical reaction in your mouth. The shop also provides hotpot with plentiful items. Eating hotpot with milk tea is definitely a winter luxury.

Address: 42, Chengzhong Rd, Jiading Town

Cost: 50 yuan

Xuanji Milk Tea

If you have tried the milk tea in Hong Kong, you will surely be delighted by its special flavor and aroma.

With an authentic Hong Kong milk tea flavor, the Xuanji Milk Tea in Nanxiang Town comes in a recycled glass bottle which can be used as a vase after drinking. But because it is a glass bottle, the price of Xuanji Milk Tea is a bit higher than the other shops. In this winter, the shop also provides some white fungus soup with longan and lotus seed. Currently there is only delivery service in Xuanji Milk Shop.

Tel for delivery: 138-1883-9044

Cost: 12 yuan

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164