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Hot or cold, kaikouxiao stops hunger pangs
By Nie Xin

KAIKOUXIAO is a traditional Chinese fried snack that originally came from Beijing.

Translated, it means "open the mouth and laugh."

The name comes from the shape because the small flour balls crack after deep frying, sort of like a laughing mouth.

Kaikouxiao is sweet and crisp, about the size of a table tennis ball. It can be eaten either hot or cold and is available at many street-side stalls for about 20 yuan (US$3) a kilo.

Kaikouxiao is made from flour, malt sugar, white sugar, eggs, white sesame and oil.


Mix flour, water, oil, eggs, a little baking soda, white sugar and malt sugar, using 1 kilogram of flour for every 400 grams of oil.

Knead into a paste and shape into small round balls.

Mix white sesame seed with some water and roll each ball into the mixture.

Fry in deep oil till the balls turn golden and crack into "laughing mouths."

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