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Quintessential cuisine: oodles of noodles
By Victoria Fei

A bowl of steaming noodles somehow reflects an essence of life.

Noodles, nutritious and easy to cook, have been a mainstay of the Chinese diet for more than 4,000 years. Some people wouldn't think of a meal being proper without them on the table.

The Minhang District has an array of noodles from across the country and the world. Let us recommend to you 10 favorites in the district and where to find them:

The most chewy:

Shaanxi Family Noodles


The store serves a unique dish called biang-biang noodle from the city of Guanzhong in northwest China's Shaanxi Province. In each bowl, there is only one big noodle, 1.5 meters in length and 3 centimeters wide. The Chinese character for biang has 56 strokes, the most in any Chinese characters. The noodle is served with salt, peppers, garlic, ginger, soy sauce and vinegar.

Address: Xinjianzhi Rd

Average cost: 13 yuan

The tenderest:

Qionglinge Noodles with Red Soup


The broth complements a good noodle like music to a good opera. Qionglinge uses a stew of pig's feet rather than soy sauce in their soup. The noodle shop, which has its headquarters in the Jiangsu Province city of Suzhou, opened a store on Hongsong Road in Minhang last year.

Address: 28 Hongsong Rd

Average cost: 23 yuan

The most economical:

Green Orange Noodles


This noodle shop was opened by a local Pujiang native and offers only four varieties of delicious beef noodles.

The place is always packed and often sells out before 12:30pm.

Address: 63 Baonan Str, Zhaojialou Ancient Town, Pujiang Town

Average cost: 20 yuan

The most nostalgic:

Yaji Cool Noodles


This shop is known for cold noodles with peanut butter, a traditional favorite reviving happy memories among older residents of Minhang.

Address: 238 Jiangchuang Rd

Average cost: 13 yuan

The most tasty:

Dadongyu Noodles with Pickle


The pickle is made from the Shanghai favorite potherb mustard. In order to ensure freshness, a newly pickled mustard is used every day.

Address: 209 Hongsong Road

Average cost: 31 yuan

The most cinematic:

Old Lane Beef Noodles


The shop owner is Hong Kong actor Wan-pang Heung, who won a Golden Horse award, the Chinese version of the Oscars. The beef noodles here are juice and silky.

Address: 1/F, SaintLaurent Hotel Apartment, 3215 Honghai Rd

Average cost: 40 yuan

The most charming:

Xuantang Mum Noodles


All noodles in this restaurant come with special names, like "mum noodles" and "dad noodles." A true family restaurant.

Address: Xindong Rd

Average cost: 17 yuan

The richest:

Green Crab Noodles


This has been rated the top dish of noodles and seafood in Minhang by many local people.

Address: 2930 Hongxin Rd

Average cost: 31 yuan

The freshest:

Doushuai Palace Noodles with Soybean Paste


In addition to a traditional Beijing hotpot, this restaurant is famous for its fresh noodles with soybean paste. It's a treat from the first chopstick full to the last.

Address: 188 Guangxian Rd

Average cost: 12 yuan

The most indigenous:

Baofeng Mutton Noodles


A bowl of steaming mutton noodles at Baofeng is said to stave off colds and flu in the winter. This is one of the best eateries where traditional local mutton meets noodles.

Address: 5 Qibao Strt S.

Average cost: 30 yuan

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164