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Riddle games set for Lantern Fest

THE Lantern Festival this Sunday (February 24) witnesses the first full moon of the Chinese Year of the Snake and marks the conclusion of the Spring Festival.

In addition to appreciating lanterns, Chinese people have traditionally played lantern riddle games on this night.

Riddles - typically about a Chinese fictional character, a historic event or famous person - are written on slips of paper and pasted to the outside of a lantern.

As people walk past the lanterns, they pull off a riddle and try to solve it. If they are correct, they traditionally receive a small present, suggested by the riddle.

Shanghai will be ablaze with lanterns, some of them spectacular, as in Yuyuan Garden. Various Lantern Festival venues also host riddle guessing events. Westerners who can speak Chinese are welcome.

Here are a few venues:

Shanghai Worker's Cultural Palace

This year the Lantern Festival includes a riddle-guessing fair. It will be hosted by members of the Shanghai Lantern Riddle Association.

Date: This afternoon; February 24, evening

Address: 120 Xizang Rd M.

Huxi Worker's Cultural Palace

Date: Tomorrow afternoon; February 24, evening

Address: 520 Caoyang Rd

Youyi Road Community Culture Center

Prizes will be awarded in this event hosted by the Shanghai Lantern Festival Association.

Date: February 24, afternoon

Address: 899 Yongqing Rd

Guyi Garden

The classical garden will present 2,013 riddles posed by various riddle makers including Jiang Gensheng.

Date: Tomorrow, afternoon-night; February 24, afternoon-night

Address: 218 Huyi Hwy

Written by Liao Fangzhou

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