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New east-west 'passage' to speed traffic in 6 districts in north of city
By Zha Minjie

THE city will build a new thoroughfare across six districts in northern Shanghai to alleviate pressure on other elevated roads and ease congestion in northern parts of the city.

The east-to-west road, dubbed the Beiheng Passage, is expected to stretch 18.8 kilometers, connecting the Middle Ring Road in Changning District to the Inner Ring Road in Yangpu District.

Shanghai's development and reform committee has given the green light for the project, but construction authorities are still working on details.

According to a draft the thoroughfare will be composed of ground roads and elevated roads and have a speed limit of 60 kilometers per hour. The draft also calls for 13 pairs of ramps.

The project will be a good news for drivers who experience congestion on elevated roads like Yan'an Road.

The city had more than 1.4 million private cars by the end of last year, and the number is expected to increase to 1.62 million this year, said Zuo Tianfu, deputy chief with Shanghai Traffic Police. The locally registered vehicles surpass 2.62 million in total.

Drivers are seeing traffic slow on roads, especially elevated roads, and weekend traffic standstills are more frequent.

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