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Titanic - immortal luxury and romance

THE story of Titanic has been told and retold, but never more poignantly and passionately than through the artifacts presented in this exhibition.

Respectfully recovered and painstakingly conserved, these objects, more than any word or image, tell the story of Royal Mail Steamer Titanic and of her 2,228 passengers and crew whose lives she changed forever.

TITANIC -- A legend of …




Tragic Demise

Meaning of life



Myth of Navigation History

Safety of Life At Sea

The Titanic departed on April 10, 1912 on her maiden voyage, with proud cheers, beautiful expectations and positive emotions.

However, it sunk at 2:20am on April 15 amidst horror and tragedy.

Her dramatic fate and the stories entwined with it gave us a lingering legend.

For more than 100 years, she has lain more than two miles beneath the surface of the North Atlantic.

Today, the Titanic Artifacts Exhibition comes to Shanghai, with some 300 artifacts salvaged from the Titanic, the re-creation of scenes and the real stories.

"The exhibition is going to show the journey and life on the Titanic, from her construction to sink," said the President of Shanghai Freightcare Marine Services Co Ltd, the exhibition organizer.

"The Titanic is a beginning of our exhibitions. We hope to show more marine culture to visitors through wonderful exhibitions."

Look for your own Titanic legend in Titanic Artifact Exhibition (Shanghai Station).

How luxurious was the Titanic?

The total cost of the RMS Titanic was US$7.5 million (1912). Construction of the Titanic began in 1909 and it was launched in 1911.

Length: 882 ft. 8 in.Height (keel to funnel): 175 ft.Breadth: 92 ft. 6 in.Gross Tonnage: 46,329Top Speed: 23-24 knotsWing Propellers: 36 ft.Center Propeller: 14 ft.

First-class passengers included millionaires, nobles, leaders of industry and celebrities.

For the first-class passengers, being on the Titanic was like sailing aboard one of the world's finest hotels. Her finest accommodation was three and four room suites. For this kind of luxury, first class passengers paid fares of US$4,500 (around US$103,000 today) - the equivalent of 10 years' salary for the average working man at that time.

Accustomed to only the finest, the Titanic's first-class passengers enjoyed luxurious staterooms, parlor suites, lounges and dining areas, Turkish baths, a squash court, gymnasium, swimming pool and a smoking lounge.

The Grand Staircase was the crown jewel of the Titanic's decor. Close your eyes and recall memories in silence. Is there any classic and expected romantic scenes lingering in your mind?

Food on the Titanic was wonderful too! Although it was 100 years ago, food on the Titanic was by no means inferior as today's.

(All mentioned scenes and contents were re-created in Titanic Artifact Exhibition.)

Visitors' feelings

"I first knew of the Titanic from the movie Titanic, which I watched it with my mom many years ago. The exhibition made me know more about her and I can even touch the souls of lost lives through real artifacts and real stories."

"Hope to find the right person as Jack as soon as possible."

"I know that life is so fragile. Darling, I should love and care your more."

"Where you go, I go."

"Here, ethics and civilization melted together; here, the power of culture and technology combined together; here, humanity and nature connected together. My wishes are for all beautiful things to sparkle and spread from here."

"Oh! Such a romantic exhibition! I finally experienced how cold the iceberg was!"

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