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11-hour music marathon for the wild at heart
By Brian Offenther

HOW'S your listening prowess? Are you ears properly limber? You'll need all your endurance for the Super Sonic Saturday Shanghai Scene Marathon tomorrow, April 13.

It could last 11 hours and goes something like this.

Warm up with the massively popular Godspeed You! Black Emperor, playing the QSW Culture Center (179 Yichang Rd) at 8pm. Getting Godspeed is a oup for promoter Split Works, coming off the recent success of Jue Festival headliner Grimes.

The Canadian group are purveyors of the genre post-rock, combining largely rock instrumentation and sense of dynamics with harmonies mostly associated with classical music. It's massively popular in China. For tickets, go immediately to www.spli-t.com/gybe. They are 240 yuan (US$39) presale.

Super hip

The music goes from barely-there quiet to walls of Wagnerian sound, and will be a good way to stretch out for the rest of the marathon. If you're only going to one show Saturday, or even for the month, this might be it.

Up next is super hip Queen Sea Big Shark, at Arkham (1 Wulumuqi Rd) at 10pm. Check a music site in case it's moved.

The Beijing group play electronic-based indie dance music that originally mixed with surf rock guitar but since has moved into a less retro direction.

Queen Sea bridges rock fans and club-goers, so expect a big show, even with an 80 yuan pre-sale ticket, available at www.247ticketschina.com.

That's the mid-stretch, but your musical marathon doesn't have to end.

The Cat City - Rooftop Ratchet Bass Rave begins at 4:20pm but runs into Sunday morning. Produced by party company "1Love Shanghai," it features local DJs Sal, Heatwolves, and former DMC Champion Cavia. It's on the roof of a warehouse at 68 Xingqiao Rd. Admission is 40 yuan.

That concludes what could be an 11-hour evening of music. If you make it, send me pictures of you at each event to brianoffenther@yahoo.com. There's no prize, but marathons are all about the spirit of competition, right?

(Brian Offenther is a Shanghai-based DJ/freelancer.)

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