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Warm days ahead perfect for outdoors
By Ni Yinbin

SHANGHAI is expected to remain warm for the rest of the week, with a high of around 25 degrees Celsius, forecasters said.

Good weather, with partly cloudy skies, should last through the weekend with the mercury creeping upwards, according to the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau.

Today's low is forecast to be 14 degrees and the high of 24 degrees. Tomorrow's low should reach 16 degrees and the high 26.

"Although the good weather will last, the temperature difference between day and night should be big," said Fu Yi, a chief service officer of the bureau. "The weather of the weekend should be suitable for outdoor activities with warm and dry air and moderate breezes."

Rain, however, is forecast to return and linger most of the week next week.

As the city warms up, ozone is becoming the chief air pollutant instead of particulates, according to the Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center. Visibility and overall air quality were considered good yesterday, but ozone levels were high, possibly affecting people with greater sensitivity.

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