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Chinese master influenced by Italian Renaissance
By Qu Zhi

NOTED local oil painter Ye Zhaocheng combines both traditional Chinese and European technique, including use of brilliant color, thick application of paint, and detailed, meticulous brush strokes as in gongbi work, or a careful realist technique in Chinese painting.

Subjects are modern, poetic, abstract, impressionistic and traditional. Many have a religious or spiritual quality and reflect influence by Michelangelo and masters of the Italian Renaissance.

An exhibition of 50 of Ye's works is underway at Xuhui Art Museum through Monday.

Ye, a Shanghai native, was the last student of master Yu Ka and later studied with famous names such as Liu Haisu, Yan Wenliang and Zhang Chongren.

"From Ye Zhaocheng's works, you will get a general sense of the development of oil painting in Shanghai over 100 years," says Li Chao, a professor at the Institute of Arts at Shanghai University.

Ye, who lives alone, leads a reclusive life and does not socialize. He does not paint "topical" subjects, but pursues his own art, much of which has a religious or spiritual quality. Over 30 years, his works have been widely exhibited in Europe.

Date: Through June 17

Address: Xuhui Art Museum, 1413 Huaihai Rd M.

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