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Aussie TV Week explores Land Down Under
By Xu Wei

AUSTRALIA TV Week begins tonight with a range of programs shedding light on the Land Down Under - from the latest in cutting-edge science and marine conservation to the daily lives of many Chinese living and working in the country.

"Window on Australia" will be shown daily at 7pm on International Channel Shanghai through Sunday.

The programs will feature famous natural landscapes and wildlife, as well as rich cultures and customs of the continental nation. Australian food, science and technology and Sino-Australian cultural exchanges will be featured.

This is the second time Australian TV Week has been held in the city. In October, a Shanghai TV Week will be presented on the Australia Network, describing many facets of Shanghai.

One of the upcoming programs, "Catalyst," looks at scientific breakthroughs and pioneering science in Australia, including organ "bioprinting," space junk and a trial using ketamine, typically a veterinary anesthetic, as a treatment for major depression.

"Landline - Farming in the City" looks at a growing movement of young urbanites who are developing micro-farming enterprises in big cities. Small spaces in the middle of busy cities can be used to grow high-quality crops for restaurants.

"My Australia" looks at the country through the eyes of students and expats, including many Chinese people.

For details about "Window On Australia," check www.icshanghai.com.

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