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Ice creams, sherbets, sorbets and chilled treats
By Nie Xin

HOTEL chefs are creating fresh, new summer desserts with ice cream, sherbet and sorbet, whipping up ice cream cakes, lollipops, puddings and all manner of chilly, inviting treats.

New flavor partners include basil and lemon and basil and raspberry.

"When you taste good quality ice cream or a dessert with ice cream, the ice cream should be creamy and smooth but not too sweet," says Thomas Broger, the executive pastry chef of the Westin Bund Center Shanghai.

When guests taste a semi-freddo (semi-frozen ice cream cake), for example, the strong flavor melts in the mouth.

"Fruit sherbet should taste very fruity and should not be too sweet," he adds.

Diners should be able to easily recognize the fruit flavor. For example, lemon sherbet should be slightly on the sour side, he says. Mango sherbet tastes smooth and has a strong flavor, while raspberry sherbet tastes fruitier with a sweet and sour taste.

There's nothing worse than ice cream that contains ice crystals, or ice cream that is hard and flavorless.

Some hotel chefs make their own ice cream so they can control the quality and ensure the freshest ingredients.

The following ice creams, sherbets, sorbets (fruity, without milk and cream) and other treats are recommended.

Lemon cream, crisp meringue, fresh strawberries and basil sorbet

(70 yuan, plus 15% service charge)

The combination of balanced lemon cream, sweet berries and herbal basil makes this a refreshing summer desert that is not too heavy.

"We wanted to try something different and we know from different cuisines that lemon and basil and raspberry and basil are wonderful partners," says Michael Dinges, the executive chef.

Venue: Grand Hyatt Shanghai, 88 Century Ave

Summer berries pudding, yogurt vanilla ice cream

(70 yuan, plus 15% service charge)

"We are very proud that we still have the ability to produce high-quality handmade ice cream and sorbets in house. This allows us to create different flavors and work continuously on the perfect ice cream for our customers," Dinges says.

Other desserts include strawberry coupe (shallow, stemmed glass), mango coupe, chocolate-banana coupe; yogurt ice cream with pineapple and lychee and topped with lime-lemon grass jelly; mango coupe made with yogurt ice cream, mango, coconut flakes and honey crunch.

Venue: Grand Hyatt Shanghai,88 Century Ave

Ice cream lollipops

(125 yuan, plus 15% service charge)

This is the signature dessert of MEAT, the steakhouse and grill at Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai.

Flavors include vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, mint and mango, wrapped with sweet chocolate.

Each lollipop is served by a piece of chocolate in the shape of women's lips.

Low-fat milk is used so the ice cream is not too heavy but creamy and fresh, according to Tobias Unger, the executive sous chef.

Venue: Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai, 1388 Huamu Rd

Semi-freddo red wine sandwich with pears, spiced syrup

(88 yuan, plus 15% service charge)

Semi-freddo is a semi-frozen dessert, typically ice cream cake. In this dessert, red wine-flavored ice cream is layered with fluffy sponge cake and served with red wine-poached pears. Drizzled on top is syrup made of anise, orange, cinnamon and vanilla.

Venue: The Westin Bund Center Shanghai, 88 Henan Rd M.

Sherbet trio on citrus salad

(98 yuan, plus 15% service charge)

The dessert contains mango, lemon and raspberry Italian sherbet with ginger-flavored orange and grapefruit segments. All ingredients are natural, without artificial flavoring.

Venue: The Westin Bund Center Shanghai, 88 Henan Rd M.

Recommended Wine

Cava Sumarroca Semi Seco

Sparklers are great companions to many ice cream and sherbet desserts. This one is bright, straw yellow in color, with persistent, tiny bubbles. It has marked citrus and apple aroma combined with notes of aging. The taste is fresh and mineral with notes of apple. Persistent mouthfeel, with a pleasant finish.

Cava Sumarroca Brut Reserva

This is a cava aged for an average of two years. It has a pearly, pale yellow color, constantly giving off bubbles that explode on the surface, creating a circular crown in the glass. The aroma is fresh with fruity notes of the base wine and aging on yeast. Clean and not vinous, it's easy to drink, creamy and slightly sweet due to an added drop of liqueur. It has balanced acidity and not too much carbonation. It's a real treat in the mouth.

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