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Typhoon to cool city after hottest day of year
By Ke Jiayun

YESTERDAY was Shanghai's hottest day this year - hotter than 2012's peak temperature.

The mercury hit 38.3 degrees Celsius, 0.3 degrees higher than the hottest day in 2012.

The fourth orange level high temperature alert in this summer, indicating a temperature of above 37 degrees, was issued by the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau at 9:25am.

This was the eighth high temperature alert this month.

However, showers are expected over the weekend due to the influence of the Typhoon Soulik which is now heading toward China's southeastern coast.

The typhoon will bring relief from the scorching days and see the highest temperature drop to about 33 degrees Celsius.

Soulik, which formed on July 7, had strengthened to super typhoon by 2pm yesterday and is still getting stronger.

"The eye of the typhoon was observed 1,700 kilometers southeast of Shanghai at 2pm," said Zhang Ruiyi, a chief service officer at the bureau.

Soulik is predicted to land on Taiwan on Friday and make a second landfall on the southeast of China's mainland.

Taiwan, Fujian and Zhejiang provinces are forecast for strong winds and heavy rain then, but Shanghai looks set to escape the brunt of Soulik.

"The range we have predicted where it will land doesn't cover Shanghai. The city will mainly be affected by its outer circulation," Zhang said.

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