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Thrills, spills and splash at Happy Valley park
By Tan Weiyun

HAPPY Valley theme park has a full package of summer events to thrill urban dwellers of all ages.

The European Carnival is now underway. It will run to August 25. One of the highlights is an international clown festival, which attracts clowns from all over the world and delights local children.

During the summer holiday, the park also will screen the 4D movie "Shanghai Bund," which tells old stories of the city using Hollywood film techniques, offering visitors a new audio-visual and sensory experience.

For Chinese Valentine's Day, which falls on August 13 this year, Happy Valley is offering a "lovers night package" at 99 yuan (US$16) for each couple 18 years or older. Fifty couples will be selected to take part in a Valentine's Day funfest, including a kissing contest and love song competition.

A costume play competition will also be held in the park this summer. Participants are invited to dress up as their favorite cartoon characters. More than 10,000 yuan in prize money awaits the winners.

All through the summer, live bands will perform in the central square of the park and members of a Brazilian samba troupe will invite visitors to dance with them.

Meanwhile, Happy Valley's new Playa Maya Water Park, the largest of its sort in East China, opened to the public earlier this month. It is part of the second phase of expansion at Happy Valley.

The park, with 150,000 square meters of water areas, has more than 40 recreational activities, including the world's biggest "wave-making pond," which can create waves up to 3.5 meters high.

Special summer activities include a rock music festival, featuring performances by local pop stars such as Li Quan, Zeng Yike and Xue Zhiqian.

In addition, there will be tugs of war in water, raft racing and fishing contests.

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