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Rock, movie and mask party
By Nie Xin

MAO Livehouse will host three Chinese rock bands on Saturday night - Mercy & Sorrow and Air Walker from Shanghai and Magic Bus from Beijing.

"Every era has its own tragedy, and Mercy & Sorrow sings the sad song of this era. That's the reason for our name, Da Bei," says Mercy & Sorrow vocalist Hua Luodan. The five-piece band was formed in 2010.

Featuring emotional lyrics, traditional rock and roll, folk and experimental elements, the Shanghai band brings theatrical drama to their performance. It has staged at Taishan Mao Festival, the Midi Music Festival and Summer Sonic in Japan last August.

Air Walker, founded in 2010, mixes dream pop, electronic and post-rock to present the energy of the city.

Magic Bus from Beijing is comprised of five musicians who play in a style that's difficult to define; it's somewhat like English rock but the band presents surprises in every show.

Next Tuesday night, Shanghai Rose Bar & Cafe on the Bund screens the stylish Baz Lurhmann musical "Moulin Rouge" (2001) starring Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor.

The film, set in 1899 Bohemian Paris, tells the story of a young English poet who falls in love with the terminally ill star of the Moulin Rouge, Satine, a courtesan who is coveted by a powerful patron.

The bar and cafe is located in the British rowing club built in 1905.

Next Saturday the Rose Bar & Cafe hosts a Nostalgia Mask Party in 18th-century English style. Dress as the aristocracy, in coat and tails. Receive a mask at the door. Ladies receive a rose.

Chinese rock bands

Date: July 20, 8pm

Venue: Mao Livehouse, 308 Chongqing Rd S.

Tickets: 40 yuan for pre-sale and students; 60 yuan at door

Tel: 6445-0086

Shanghai Rose Movie Night

Date: July 23, 9pm

Venue: Shanghai Rose Bar, 76 Suzhou Rd S.

Nostalgia Mask Party

Date: July 27, 9pm

Venue: Shanghai Rose Bar, 76 Suzhou Rd S.

Tickets: RSVP (6052-7171 or info@shanghairose.com)

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164