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Exhibit's focus: Better ways to build a city
By Qu Zhi

A SERIES of art and design shows late this year will explore ways to build cities that let both urban and rural areas prosper while allowing people to live harmoniously with nature.

"Aesthetics City" will be the theme of the Design Shanghai 2013, which will bring in innovative and trend-setting art and design shows for four months starting November 30.

The biennale exhibit will be held at the Power Station of Art, the huge contemporary art museum in a renovated power station overlooking the Huangpu River.

The theme of the show - aesthetics - means the idea of what is artistically valid or beautiful. While that may seem a little too lofty to be of practical use in daily life, that really isn't the case, according to Hang Jian, one of the chief curators and also professor and gallery curator at the China Academy of Art.

The theme has everything to do with a rural society that grew into an industrial society, "for which we should rethink aesthetics and urban problems rationally."

The show will feature photographs, products, paintings and models that reflect on the ideal of what a city should be.

The shows will be broken out into different facets of the overall theme. For example, a show of the boldest and most avant-garde design achievements from the world over in the past five years will be called "City of Counterlight."

"City of Craft Design" will allow visitors to rediscover the value of handicrafts and experience the wisdom and warmth of modern handicraft design. Other shows will deal with such important issues as traffic and public space.

All of the shows will be listed on an art & design map that the visitors will be able to pick up free around Shanghai to check the events and times.

Power Station of Art is at Miaojiang Road by Huayuangang Road. Visit http://powerstationofart.org/en/.

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