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Using clues to break out of room more fun in real life
By Pan Zheng

IMAGINE you and some of your friends being locked in a room - or several rooms - where you have to find hidden clues and solve puzzles step by step to find a key to get out.

This is no video game - it's called Room Break and it's a reality game that has become a new entertainment hit for youths all over the world.

The concept was first popularized as a computer game called Crimson Room, a dark red room where the player has to discover clues with mouse clicks. The game quickly became popular, and dozens of similar games were published after that.

It wasn't too long until people realized it would be pretty exciting if the game was a live action experience, and various Room Break locations began to spring up in Shanghai and in other cities.

Like Crimson Room on the computer, this real-life game locks the players, usually around 10, in one room. The team has to cooperate to find clues hidden in the room, such as some information on a picture, or a riddle written in the corner of a wall. The time limit to complete the task is usually one or two hours, and each team has one to three chances to ask for hints. It's a test of intelligence and teamwork.

Here we introduce some Room Break game clubs in Shanghai, which may become new options for spending weekends with your friends.

Another thing: Gamers who don't speak Chinese should remember to go with someone who does - most of the clues in these clubs are in Chinese, not English.

The Cube

It might be the best story-themed Room Break club in Shanghai, as gamers will feel a very strong sense of immersion. The room facilities build the environment of different themes perfectly, and the storyline is the highlight of the club. The club has three major themes. All of the theme rooms have a clear background and storyline, and the gamers have to find the hidden clues and reveal the answers that they need.

All the clues are clear and will occur in an orderly fashion, though gamers always will find some surprises. However, gamers shouldn't expect that they will be able to solve the whole room's clues on their first try because there are so many secret tricks."

Address: Rm101, No. 17, Lane 113, Yuping Rd S.

Tel: 5273-4030

Average price: 56 yuan per person

Mr X

This is one of the oldest and most famous Room Break clubs in Shanghai. It has 10 rooms with different decorations and puzzles. The difficulties presented by different rooms also vary a lot, while the time limit for all the rooms is one hour.

In this club, the key to breaking the room is to listen very carefully to the instructions of the staff who lead you into the room.

Address: Bldg No. 1, 550 Jumen Rd

Tel: 3304-1233

Average price: 113 yuan per person

3 Quarks

This recently has become one of the most popular Room Break clubs in the city. Judging by its decoration and facilities, many gamers agree it's the most luxurious club.

It has 42 rooms employing seven themes, and the difficulty level here may feel frustrating to fresh players. Since each theme has so many rooms and hidden clues, many gamers will feel confused when first entering the rooms, not knowing where to start. But it's a good place for those who want to enjoy magnificent visual and sound effects.

Address: 518 Qinzhou Rd

Tel: 400-690-8859

Average price: 83 yuan per person

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164