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Hot day continues with another heat alert of highest level in Shanghai
By Zha Minjie

SHANGHAI'S meteorological bureau issued a red alert, the highest level of a three-level warning system, at 7:55am today, forecasting a temperature of 40 degree is possible today.

The city’s highest temperature record was shattered again yesterday with a peak of 40.8 degrees Celsius recorded at the benchmark Xujiahui observatory at 12:37pm.

The city’s previous high of 40.6 degrees was reached on Tuesday and July 26.

Yesterday was the first time the city had experienced two consecutive days of temperatures over 40 degrees and the first year that three such days had been recorded since 1873.

Before this year’s searing heat, Shanghai’s hottest day, at 40.2 degrees, had been on July 12, 1934.

The extreme highs will come to an end after Saturday when a subtropical high moves north, the bureau said.

Metro rides get cooler, elevated line stations to provide AC zones

FOLLOWING complaints from passengers, the Shanghai Metro operator said it had lowered the temperatures of air-conditioning in subway trains, especially on its elevated lines.

The Metro’s operator, Shanghai Shentong Metro Group, said usually the temperatures on the subways are fixed between 24 to 26 degrees Celsius.

It will be adjusted by one or two degrees, said Lan Tian, a Metro official who works at the  operation center.

Large fans and rooms equipped with air-conditioning are being added at the elevated stations, mainly along Lines 1, 3 and 4. About 10 stations on Line 3 already have air-conditioned rooms. But the stations are packed with passengers during rush hours with no chance of putting up extra rooms.

The authorities said that emergency medicines for heat-related problems are also available at the Metro stations.

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