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Time isn't money ― to Raqs, it's art

"Extra Time" brings together the recent works by Raqs Media Collective from New Delhi, India, at the Chronus Art Center, Shanghai.

Their works at the exhibition focus mainly on their investigations of time and temporality. The media of the works varies from performance to installation, architectural ensembles, video and photography. 

The Raqs Media Collective plays different roles, ranging from artists to curators and philosophical agent provocateurs.

Raqs treats time as an actual medium, using duration, repetition, echo and the traces of our subjective responses to time’s passage.

According to Chen Yun, who works on this project, the works in this exhibition not only have strong connections with China but also are in several instances distillations of the many ongoing conversations that Raqs maintains and cultivates across disciplines and genres with different kinds of practitioners.

“Re-run,” one of the new pieces of work by the Raqs, is a video that captures the reenactment of Henri Cartier Bresson’s photograph of a bank run in Shanghai in December 1948.

The photograph features a crowd of people desperate to get their money out of a bank. In revisiting and re-staging Bresson’s photograph, Raqs meets the conditions of the self-fulfilling prophecy invoked by the event captured in the original image. It created this piece of work by using footage of Shanghai.

An edited video of a sports match called “The Vigil” is another new piece of work by the Raqs that will be presented at the exhibition.

For this video work, Raqs telescopes the fortunes of a football match between two rival Chinese football clubs into an orchestrated meditation on time and fate. A football match becomes an atlas of time.

The “Extra Time” exhibition will be mainly focusing on the new video works by the Raqs Media Collective and there will be a lot of highlights.

• “Extra Time” exhibition

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