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It’s the season to be fruitful and here’s where you can buy the best
By Pan Zheng

ALTHOUGH the temperature of Jiading has gone up to 40 degrees Celsius this summer, it’s still a season for harvesting some specific local fruits such as grapes, peaches and pears.

Various grapes

Huijuan Grape Cooperative

There are various grapes produced in different vineyards. Huijuan Grape Cooperative is one of the best in Jiading. It produces varieties of grapes including kyoho, big rose and golden finger. The kyoho tastes very sweet, while big rose emits the fragrance of rose. The price is around 40 to 50 yuan (US$6.5-8.1) per kilogram.

Address: 649 Xuwang, Dayu Village, Malu Town

Tel: 1312-2807-383

Nongjiayuan Vineyard

Located in Dayu Village and with a planting area of over 15 hectares, Nongjiayuan Vineyard is one of the biggest vineyards in Malu. All the fields here use modern facilities to reduce the influence of bad weather. The grapes are sold at about 50 yuan per kilo. Meanwhile, the garden also has a rural food restaurant which can hold 200 to 300 customers, with food costing an average of 50 yuan per person.

Address: 1 Banxiang Rd, Dayu Village, Malu Town

Tel: 5951-6970

Zhongfu Cooperative

This cooperative offers cheap grapes at around 30 to 40 yuan per kilo. Besides grapes, it also provides poultry, eggs and mushrooms.

Address: Liushi Rd, Dayu Village, Malu Town

Tel: 1380-1633-145

Flat peaches

The flat peaches in Lijiang Ecological Garden are mature now. Large and very sweet, these juicy peaches cost 100 yuan for a box of 12 peaches, all picked on the morning of the day they are sold. If you go there now, you can also find yellow peaches, which are bigger and sweeter than flat peaches, also cost 100 yuan a box.
Besides peaches, other specialties of the garden include Shanghai sweet pairs, lotus seedpods, as well as chicken and duck eggs. Visitors can stay overnight and enjoy farm food.

Address: 3333 Jiazhu Rd

Tel: 5996-8688

Huajiang Pear

When talking about the pear, Huajiang crisp pear produced in Huating Modern Agricultural Garden is the best of Jiading District. Large in size and sweet, they are sold at 50 yuan per 1 kilo. It’s also available at some online shopping platforms such as www.360buy.com.
The garden is now a national demonstration base of the pear growing industry, as it has planted about 100 kinds of pears for scientific study. According to local growers, pears with round shape and smooth peel are the best ones.

Address: 518 Shuangzhu Rd, Huating Town

Tel: 186-2195-2085

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164