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Festival fun for everyone as autumn’s here
By Tom Qian

Golden autumn is on its way, so it’s time to have festival fun in Jiading!

The 3rd China CAS Modified Vehicles Expo opened at Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center on September 13, launching the 2013 Shanghai Tourism Festival’s Jiading series of activities.

During the festival which will go through October, visitors will be able to enjoy activities at the Anting Automobile Carnival, Shanghai Xiaolong Culture Exhibition, Shanghai Confucius Cultural Festival, Huating Rural Fishing Festival, Cao’an Shopping and Tourism Festival and Jiangqiao Cultural Tourism Festival.

The Modified Vehicles Expo attracted around 140 participants from the US, Europe and Japan as well as China, with more than 90 exhibitors and 200 modified cars on display.

Car debuts

Among the modified vehicles making their debut were Volkswagen’s AAR series and BMW M Performance 1, 3 and 5 series.

A “trunk bazaar” was held at the Auto Expo Park on September 14, where hundreds of cars lined up with their trunks open, full of items for sale.

The Confucius Culture Festival started at Confucius Temple on September 22, featuring cultural lectures, theatrical performances, garden exhibits, humanities collections, folk arts and tea culture, as well as photographic exhibitions.

Visitors can sample teas in the Jincha Teahouse on Zhouqiao Old Street, appreciate calligraphy, painting and seal exhibitions, or watch tea performances at the Pu’er Teahouse. Traditional folk artists will perform on this old street.

 Qiuxiapu Garden and Huilongtan Park are decorated with flowers.

In the gardens jiangnan (the region south of the Yangtze River) folk music is performed and the local handicraft of Xuhang grass weaving is demonstrated.

Meanwhile, Maoqiao Village is a good choice for people wishing to escape from the bustling concrete jungle.

People can find huge trees, farmland, shining lakes and fresh vegetables. They can go fishing, roast fish on their own, ride bikes and float down the river on bamboo raft. A food festival and folk culture performances will also be held.

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