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Day-tours to old towns by Metro and bus
By Xu Wei

Self-drive tours are many people’s first choice in traveling around Jiading District.

However, with the opening of the second phase of Metro Line 11 this month, Jiading is now able to get connected with many of the city’s downtown areas.

By taking the Metro line and buses, people can take low-carbon tours to Nanxiang and Anting old towns, as well as other tourist resorts.

Where to visit

Half-day tour to Nanxiang old town

Take Metro Line 11 and get off at Nanxiang station. Then take bus No. 2 at the Nanxiang bus hub opposite the Metro station. Get off the bus at the Guyi Garden stop.

After wandering in this classical garden, you can still take the bus No. 2 to the Nanxiang old street, or walk there for about 15 minutes.

One-day tour to Nanxiang and Jiading old towns

After touring Nanxiang, you can take Metro Line 11 to West Jiading Station and transfer to the bus No. 11 which will take you to the well-known resorts of Zhouqiao in Jiading old town.

Jiading Confucius Temple, Huilongtan Pond, Fahua Pagoda, Jiading Villa, Bamboo-carving Museum and the old food street are all there waiting for your visit. Free travel guide books are available at the Jiading tourism information center at the front door of Huilongtan Park.

One-day tour to Zhouqiao and Auto City

After Zhouqiao, you may take Metro Line 11 and get off at the Shanghai Circuit Station. As the venue for the annual Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix, the international circuit is well-known. In the circuit you can drive the kart, or take part in the simulated driving matches.

Metro Line 11 will go on to take you to the Anting Station. Alighting from the train, you can walk along Xinyuan Road, the most bustling street in Anting.

It takes around half an hour to get to the Anting old town, where you can visit the famous Puti Temple.

Buses No. 4 and No. 7 can take visitors to Shanghai Auto Expo Park and Shanghai Automobile Museum.

What to eat

Nanxiang old street:

Tayun Lou, Rihua Xuan and Changxing Lou restuarants sell delicious and genuine xiaolong, steamed buns filled with juicy meat. It costs around 30 yuan (US$4.76) to buy 20.

Zhouqiao scenic zone:

There are a lot of flavored foods such as Yunnan rice noodles and Taiwan pearl milk tea. Xiaolong is also offered at the Tating Teahouse and a restaurant on 192 Nandajie Street.

Where to stay

There are many inns and small hotels in Nanxiang old town. It costs 120-140 yuan per night.

In Zhouqiao, you can choose Jiading Hotel or Jiading Villa, both with gardens inside the hotels.

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