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Many of Yangpu District’s science facilities free

Yangpu District, home to three of China’s prestigious universities, is probably the most academic of Shanghai’s districts. It offers many locations for both children and adults to feed their craving for knowledge and their desire for fun. What makes the district even more attractive is that some of these locations are free to visit.

• Shanghai Waterworks Science and Technology Museum

The first waterworks museum in China, Shanghai Waterworks Science and Technology Museum was established to provide citizens an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the process of water storage, cleansing and distribution.

There are three exhibition areas showcasing the history, modern technology and future planning of waterworks.

Many exhibits are supplemented with multimedia technologies, allowing for visitor interaction and promoting water conservation as well.

Address: 830 Yangshupu Rd

Opening hour: Tuesday-Friday, 1:30pm-4pm (for individuals); Monday-Friday, 9am-11am and 2pm-4pm (for groups)

Admission: free

Tel: 6547-3329

• Shanghai Ocean University

The Shanghai Ocean University has several museums displaying various aquatic organisms, such as fish, coral, shellfish, algae and whales. Its whale museum features an 18.4-meter-long specimen of sperm whale, the largest in China.

In addition, it also exhibits over 200 different types of coral and shells and it contains two-thirds of all the fish specimens in China.

Address: 334 Jungong Rd

Opening hour: 9am-11am and 1:30pm-4pm (except holidays, including summer and winter holiday; reservations required for groups)

Admission: 10 yuan (discounts for groups)

Tel: 6571-0188

• Shanghai Gongqing Forest Park

Opened on October 1, 1986, Gongqing Forest Park, as the only forest park in Shanghai. The park covers an area of 1.31 million square meters and is divided into two sections, with the Bamboo Garden in the south and the Forest Park in the north.

The Gongqing Forest Park features amazing botanic scenery with nearly 200,000 plants and trees covering as many as over 200 species.

The Bamboo Garden is a theme park of bamboo culture.

The forest park offers more than 30 different entertainment activities, including picnicking, sports and adventures.

Its annual summer camp and winter camp offer a great chance for primary and secondary students to enjoy closeness with nature and learn more about different types of plants.

Address: 2000 Jungong Rd

Opening hour: 6am-5pm

Admission: 15 yuan

Tel: 6557-1088

• Naval Medical Research Institute

Founded on December 27, 1954, the Naval Medical Research Institute is the only institute dedicated to naval medical research in China.

Its diving medicine technology is considered advanced in Asia as well as around the globe.

The exhibition hall of nautical medicine achievements as well as other key labs are open to the public and visitors are invited to try out the diving apparatus, get primary diving training, observe real naval vessels and engage in other fun and educational experiences.

Address: 880 Xiangyin Rd

Opening hour: Saturday and Sunday (reservations required)

Admission: free

Tel: 6549-1396

Written by Wang Wenjun

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