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Colorful shows offer much more than music
By Brian Offenther

Despite what hardcore fans will tell you, it’s not all about the music, man (or woman).

Music, especially in performance, is about a lot more than just the sounds. Other factors can be huge attractions and this weekend offers prime examples of music shows providing something extra.

A full dance show tomorrow at Mao Livehouse will feature “Flamenco Festival” and “Four Seasons Story.”

This show is a bit of a head-scratcher at a venue that typically features heavy metal acts. It would seem more appropriate at a theater. On the other hand, that sort of asymmetry may make for a truly special event. I love it.

Hippie dippie

Hippie dippie atmospherics: Tomorrow and Sunday in Qingpu District, more than a dozen local DJs play psytrance, house, techno and related genres. It’s the Shalanaya Festival, including many other attractions such as art installations and yoga.

The key here is psychedelic, and the event aims to be a mind-expanding experience, like a Shanghai Burning Man Festival. I’ve always found the sound of hard electronic music (like techno) to be better for in-door events, but some of Shanghai’s top DJs should be able to handle it.

Then again, with acrobats, fire dancing and a “Chinese giant pole,” there will be plenty of interesting distractions, whatever your taste in music.

That’s only a drop in the bucket for Shanghai shows this weekend. And with so much competition, it’s no wonder promoters have to think of hooks to bring people in. Even if the music isn’t the whole thing, though, it is the most important thing.


Date: October 19, 6:45pm

Venue: Mao Livehouse, 308 Chongqing Rd S. near Jianguo Rd M.

Tickets: 200 yuan and up

DJ Shalanaya Festival

Date: October 18 from 2pm, Sunday from 11am

Venue: Siji Baiguoyuan, 369 Shenjiadai Yetang Village, Zhujiajiao Town, Qingpu District. Shuttle buses leave from Shiva Lounge.

Tickets: 150 yuan at door

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164