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Ghoulish Halloween film mash-up
By Brian Offenther

As Halloween approaches, the independent film scene will be dominated on Wednesday by a mash-up of films ranging from scary to just plain scary good.

“A ghoulish night of dreaded documentaries, creepy cartoons and sinister cinematic experiments” is advertised for the (mostly) monthly film fest known as Cinemash Up. The free Halloween Special will be held at nightclub Dada on Xingfu Road.

It’s always an eclectic event, content subject to the whim of the organizers.

The main focus, though, is on short films or clips from independent filmmakers on the former side of the experimental/commercial divide.

An event might include 10-15 pieces from German iconoclast Werner Herzog, British subversive merrymakers Monty Python, and art house clips from a local filmmaker.

Details are sketchy.

Cinemash Up is the brainchild of Tina Blakeney, aka Tina Sprinkles, an expat involved in a plethora of art events and installations in Shanghai. She is known for producing music videos for local groups and for live “VJing,” or digitally manipulating projected videos, at many music events.

The current iteration of the event began in 2009 at Dada but has its roots in Blakeney’s native Australia.

“The idea was to get like-minded people together to chat and enjoy watching films,” says Blakeney. “I select the films from a large library I’ve been collecting for years and I also trawl through DVD stores and online to find obscure pieces.”

Blakeney says she is excited about this upcoming Cinemash Up, as Halloween is one of her favorite times of the year.

“I will have a bunch of twisted films, both classic and contemporary,” she says. “I’ll have a selection of creepy stuff as well as some hilarious Halloween spoofs.”

She is joined in the project by Laura Ingalls, best known to Shanghai audiences as DJ and producer in the electronic music duo Acid Pony Club, and by Margot Hamer, partner with Blakeney in art collective Redscale.

“Just check it out,“ Blakeney says, “it’s always different, always fun.”

Halloween Cinemash Up

Date: October 23, 9pm

Venue: Dada, 115 Xingfu Rd

Tickets: Free

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