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‘Mulan’ ― A 3D musical drama
By Victoria Fei

The musical drama “Mulan” about China’s earliest woman warrior is a fusion of percussion and Peking Opera, with a stunning 3D audio-visual effect.

The 90-minute production by Ju Percussion Group from Taiwan will be staged this weekend, appealing to all ages.

“The musical drama is a fusion in which the instruments, figures, way of singing and body language of Peking Opera meet modern percussion,” says artistic director Ju Tzong-Ching.

Mulan is the earliest legendary women warrior in Chinese culture, and stories date to the Han Dynasty (BC 206-AD 220). Mulan, a courageous peasant girl, disguises herself as a man and takes her ailing father’s place in the emperor’s army. She fights as a man for 12 years, declines a position offered by the emperor and returns home.

“The production shows her extraordinary experience on the battlefield and connects the audience with Mulan’s inner struggles and expectations. It’s a mind-blowing audio-visual adventure with exquisite and touching music,” Ju says.

Performers include 20 artists from the group and three Peking Opera performers.

Percussionist Wu Pei-Ching, in an acclaimed performance, plays six-mallet marimba, showing Mulan’s emotions as she joins the army.

Founded in 1986, Ju Percussion Group has been widely praised for virtuosity and innovation, bringing Western, Eastern, traditional and modern musical elements to stage performances.

The group is Taiwan’s first percussion ensemble, which plays Western percussion instruments as well as Chinese gong-drum music, and other Asian traditional music.

The group tours internationally.

Date: October 26-27, 7:15pm

Venue: Shanghai Culture Square, 597 Fuxing Rd M.

Tickets: 80-580 yuan

Tel:  962-388

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164