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Horror party and witch doctor musical
By Brian Offenther

Halloween is almost upon us, and though the celebrations certainly aren’t native to Shanghai, there will be plenty of opportunities to mix things up in a cauldron of dark colors, candy, cobwebs and questionable outfits.

Those looking for a Halloween party tonight should look no further than “The Mansion of Horrors,” appropriately held at party madhouse The Mansion on Hongqiao Road.

For those unfamiliar with The Mansion, it’s a sort of free-spirit party house, activity center and hostel. It’s an actual mansion precariously located in a residential neighborhood and run by one of the most interesting people in the nightlife scene in China, Rainbow Gao.

The upcoming bash should be fully immersive, highly atmospheric and a bit debauched. Promised at the event are eight popular local DJs playing “future bass” music, costume contests, horror films and more.

DJs include Verse@ille, Boris Redwall, Laobang, Tourettez and Renjah.

It’s being produced under the “Shanghai in the Trap” banner, a party brand by South African native DJ Verse@ille.

Verse@ille’s mix of cutting-edge but accessible underground club music, willingness to experiment and philanthropic spirit have made him one of the most interesting people to watch in the Shanghai music scene. His performances at outdoor music festivals have been acclaimed.

One of his most important brands has been the “Shanghai in the Trap” series featuring music of the trap sub-genre.

Trap has its roots in Southern US hip-hop. Many of the sounds are rooted in this music, but trap then incorporates exciting tempo changes, a multitude of keyboard effects, and a grandeur that shows its influence from more mainstream electronic genres.

If you’re looking to see something cutting edge in the music scene, this party provides a good opportunity.

Those seeking a reprieve from the orange and black madness, however, should consider seeing the one-woman musical “Black Is the Color of My Voice,” running through tomorrow at Anken Green.

It stars the very talented songstress Apphia Campbell in a story about a witch doctor and features the music of Nina Simone famous for “I Put A Spell on You.”

Whether it’s the Halloween party or a play about witch doctors, there will be no escape from the horror-filled holiday.

• Mansion of Horrors

Date: October 26, 7pm-7am

Venue: The Mansion, B18, 2388 Hongqiao Rd

Admission: 100 yuan (including 5 free drinks)

• Musical “Black Is the Color of My Voice”

Date: Through October 27, 7pm

Venue: Anken Green, 668 Huai’an Rd

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164