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‘The Inspired Island’ shows Taiwan masterpieces

The Taiwan film exhibition “The Inspired Island,” organized by the Shanghai Film Museum, the China Art Museum, Shanghai Film Archive and Fisfisa Media, started yesterday and runs through November 3.

“The Inspired Island” will show five brilliant directors’ six cinematic works, based on six eminent Taiwanese writers’ literary masterpieces, including “Towards the Completion of a Poem,” “The Coming of Tulku,” “Home in Two Cities,” “Ports of Mists,” “The Untrammeled Traveler” and “The Man behind the Book.”

“The Coming of Tulku,” directed by Chen Tsun-shing, cites anecdotes from Buddhist classics, captures a whole lifetime by using one day in the life of Chou Meng-tieh, a normal old man who started a bookstand in front of a café in 1959.

“The Inspired Island” is the combination of literature, film and culture. The event also features four forums and three meetings. Eminent Taiwanese writers and directors including Yu Kwang-Chung, Chen Tsun-shing and Chen Hwai-eng will hold discussions with audiences.

Dates: Through November 3, 1:30pm-7:30pm
Tickets: 50 yuan
Venue: Shanghai Film Art Center, Shanghai Film Museum, China Art Museum, Shanghai Film Archive

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