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Symphony of ocillations by harp and hang
By Li Anlan

A two-person concert of traditional harp and the new UFO-shaped hang, a kind of metal drum, creates what’s called a symphony of good ocillations, an experimental form based on classical music.

The Ciference Symphony project from Salzburg, Austria will perform tomorrow morning at the Shanghai Oriental Art Center. A lecture will follow on two unusual Western instruments, the hang and the musical saw.

The two-artist “symphony” was established in 2010 by harp player Martina Stock and percussionist Christian Schratt, who plays the hang, a percussion instrument known as an idiophone, developed in Switzerland in 2000.

Harp is a familiar for its typically gentle sounds, though they can also be vigorous and strong.

The hang, which is played with hands and fingers, has two half-shells of deep drawn, nitride steel sheets glued together at the rim, leaving the inside hollow. The top side, called the “ding” side, has a center note hammered into it and seven or eight tone fields around it. The bottom, known as “gu,” is a plain surface with a hole in the center. The instrument is 52 centimeters in diameter and 24cm in height.

Together, the harp and hang creates a harmonious, light and meditative sound, very natural and minimalist.

Stock and Schratt have performed at Austrian festivals and is now touring China.

Their first album “Well Live” in 2011 features six original compositions recorded in a large staircase at an abandoned aluminum factory.

The Shanghai concert will feature nine songs, including some from the album, such as “Circle,” “Contrast Transfer, “Decision” and “Arrival at Departure.”

After the performance, Schratt will give a joint lecture with She Ruiying, the leader of Shanghai Hongyi Musical Saw Group at 4pm, introducing the two unusual Western musical instruments, the hang and the musical saw.

The lecture is free to all iDEALShanghai members who sign up for a ticket at www.idealshanghai.com/draw/post.asp?id=7.

Anyone who buys a ticket at the website will get a second free ticket for the New Shanghai Orchestra concert at 2:45pm on the same day.

The New Shanghai Orchestra was founded in 2005 by British musician Gary Sanderson and is comprised of students and young musicians. It gives several concerts a year in Shanghai.

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