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Artist has underground appeal on city Metro
By Ma Yue

A METRO train has been transformed into an art gallery featuring work by influential Chinese artist Feng Zikai.

Passengers on a Metro Line 11 train can admire Feng’s creative output, including cartoons, poems and philosophical quotes displayed in carriages.

Through his work, Feng sought to encourage people to love life and create a more civilized living environment.

The exhibition marking the 115th anniversary of Feng’s birth tomorrow runs — quite literally — until January.

A native of Zhejiang Province, Feng taught art and music in Shanghai.

He is renowned for his paintings and cartoons and wrote extensively on various topics, including literature, painting, music and calligraphy.

Famous works include essay collection “Yuanyuantang Essays” and cartoon collection “Zikai Cartoons.”

Feng’s grandchildren took a ride on the train commemorating their grandfather yesterday morning.

“I’m extremely happy to see my grandpa’s paintings in a modern Metro train,” said Feng’s granddaughter Yang Zhaoying.

“We are honored that traditional arts can still have such appeal.”

The show was also well-received by passengers.

As some works feature old everyday life, they evoke childhood memories among senior riders.

“I grew up with Feng’s cartoon paintings,” a 62-year-old commuter surnamed Zhu said.

“It was rare to see the paintings later, and such activities should be promoted in the Metro system more often.”

The Metro operator selected 40 paintings and 36 poems and philosophical pieces from Feng’s work.

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