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Take a peek inside Abbey Road Studio

Aiming to offer a new vantage point on some of the world’s most celebrated music and artists, Abbey Road Studio is presenting the exhibition “Abbey Road Studios and the World’s Greatest Music.”

Taking place for the first time in China, at the Fairmont Peace Hotel until Friday, the exhibition presents a rare opportunity to see the studio’s legendary Challen piano and a photo exhibition celebrating Abbey Road Studios’ milestones and landmark recordings.

The piano is displayed throughout the exhibition period; admission is free.

Tonight, Chinese-Canadian pop singer Qu Wanting will perform and play the Challen piano.

Played by the Beatles and Pink Floyd, among other world-renowned bands and artists, the 1964 vintage multitone “jangle box” Challen piano holds an illustrious history. Considered one of the most precious pieces of music memorabilia, it was used by British rock band the Beatles to record some of their masterpieces including “Tomorrow Never Knows,” “Ob La Di, Ob La Da” and “Old Brown Shoe.”

Beloved by the studios’ roster of artists, the Challen piano is on loan for the first time and journeys to China for the landmark exhibition.

The photo exhibition gives the Shanghai public a view into this world-famous recording studio.

The exhibition chronicles the studio’s milestones spanning more than 80 years, highlighting landmark recordings by famous artists such as Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Adele and Coldplay. It will also offer an intimate view of intriguing behind-the-scene stories, including Abbey Road Studios’ rich experience in the production of film scoring.

“As the birthplace of stereo recording, Abbey Road Studios enjoys an unparalleled status in the history of music through its technology excellence and innovation, as well as the privilege to create some of the all-time greatest hits in the music industry,” says Jonathan Smith, senior vice president of Abbey Road Studios. “The photo exhibition recollects some of the best moments and stories we have shared with the extraordinary artists.”

Date: Through November 22

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