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Are you a nu hanzi?
By Xu Wei

These are the 20 characteristics listed on the Internet to describe a nu hanzi woman. Those who meet 10 criteria are almost nu hanzi, those who tick off at least 15 are genuine nu hanzi, while those who do all 20 can be called “brother.”

1. Open their own soda bottles.

2. Walk around the house naked when it is hot outside.

3. Frequently say “it is annoying to be a woman.”

4. Pour a package of potato chips into mouth.

5. Pay the bills sometimes while eating with men.

6. Willing to eat hot-pot at a restaurant with no air conditioning in summer.

7. Change water cooler bottles by oneself.

8. Enjoy cyber games such as “World of Warcraft” and “League of Legends.”

9. Go to bed without taking a bath if it is too late.

10. Seldom put on makeup or posting self portraits online.

11. Get along well with men.

12. Love to cross or shake their legs when dining out.

13. Find shopping troublesome.

14. Seldom go to the hairdresser’s or beauty shop.

15. Hardly peel their apples before eating them.

16. Seldom wash one’s face and hair at home.

17. Carry her own luggage.

18. Can not bear to see a woman purposely playing up her feminine character to allure men.

19. Run after buses while wearing high-heeled shoes.

20. Order large portions while dining with men.

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