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LifeHub in Shanghai to help make Christmas special
By Pan Zheng

Christmas, a Western holiday, has been adopted by many Chinese people in Shanghai. Children always love the festival because it’s one more special day to get gifts.

At Christmas, people stroll on the streets with Christmas elf hats on heads, restaurants play Christmas songs and shopping malls create a wonderland with Christmas trees and Santa Claus and his reindeer.

This year, three shopping centers at LifeHub in Shanghai have prepared magnificent Christmas displays and shows for customers, providing an opportunity for parents to take their children on a Christmas outing.

• Christmas Forest at Daning LifeHub

On this Christmas, the commercial square of Daning LifeHub will become a forest of Christmas trees. Magicians will conjure a world of fairy tales as Santa Claus shows up at the stage with the magic to light up the Christmas forest.

The A Cappella Chorus of Daning LifeHub will also make people feel the special atmosphere of Christmas with their voices.

Modern Christmas trees at the northern square will play music when people walk on the square.

The trees at the central square will let people play small games with them. About 1,200 roses at the southern square will comprise a cube to embellish the fairyland.

People can also make Christmas wishes at the wechat platform “大宁国际LifeHub” to get a QR code to exchange Christmas gifts from Daning LifeHub.

Meanwhile, Daning LifeHub will present the vocal musical drama “Will You Come?” today.

The drama will be played with only human voices, creating a unique artistic environment to tell stories of life.

• Crystal Christmas at Jinqiao LifeHub

Xue Lu, a famous artist working in glass art, will design a magnificent world of Christmas with recyclable tiny green and white glass balls at Jinqiao LifeHub, establishing an impressive and significant visual effect to celebrate Christmas.

A 6.5-meter-tall Christmas tree, made from glass balls, will shine like diamonds at the garden square. A twisted maze made of corrugated paperboard and three-dimensional sculptures made from water pots will illustrate the low-carbon-life attitude.

A New Year’s Eve concert will also be held at Jinqiao LifeHub on the night of December 30, as many pop stars including Power Station, Zhang Kefan and Liang Yizhen will present a collection of pop songs.

•  Pleasure Garden at Anting LifeHub

The Pleasure Garden of Kids’ Dreams has opened at Anting LifeHub to celebrate Christmas. Meanwhile, the Dream Drama Club of Anting LifeHub will present a children’s play to display the beauty of fairy tales.

Entering the LifeHub in Anting, Jiading District, people will see the six-meter Christmas tree at first sight. Shining gift boxes are arranged under the tree, where children and parents can make their Christmas wishes.

Then, the families will step into the music forest. Children can walk through the corridor with their parents with Christmas songs echoing in their ears. It is designed to be a wonderful memory for them.

Eventually, they will arrive at the central stage, where children of the Dream Drama Club will contribute their best performance of the children’s play “Three Piggies.”

After three months of professional training in performance and many rehearsals, these little drama stars will present the beauty of fairy tales and the power of gratitude to the audience.

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