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Here’s best tech gifts for upcoming new year
By Zhu Shenshen

Finding the right tech gifts for the new year of 2014 can be tough. The task gets ever trickier if your relative or friend already has a smartphone and a tablet and you’re at a loss as to what else he or she may want or need.

Shanghai Daily is suggesting 10 tech gifts the intended gift-receiver probably doesn’t have yet. Compared with traditional and lazy choices like iPad Air and Samsung big-screen phones, the chosen gifts strike the right balance of pricey but not outrageous, useful but also thoughtful.

They also represent the trend of spreading high technology, such as the convergence of music with the Mini Jambox and Bose noise canceling headphones; the use of health devices like the Omron body detector, and the incorporation of touch in the HP Leap Motion laptop.

The gifts are for men, women and families. Of course, some are actually suitable for everyone.

Gifts for Him

ASUS 2-in-1 tablet phone

ASUS MeMO Pad 7 features functions of both a smartphone and a tablet computer. Besides a quad-core chip inside, it supports dual-SIM card functions as a smartphone and a 7-inch IPS screen as a tablet.

It’s now sold on Tmall.com, China’s biggest online shopping website.

Price: 1,799 yuan (US$295)

Bose noise-canceling headphone

Bose is well-known for its Acoustic Noise Canceling (ANC) headphones, which are used by astronauts, airline pilots and millions of weary business travelers. It has been proved to be effective in long-time flight. especially.

Bose QC 20i, with the company’s noise-canceling performance, is the latest iOS version specifically for iPhone, iPad and iPod, with bud-sized design.

Price: 2,580 yuan

Shanda Geak Watch

Still waiting for Apple’s iWatch? Need a new wearable device to monitor sports and sleep patterns? Now geekers have a new choice: Geak Watch from Shanda, China’s first smart watch with Android. The device features Wi-Fi and the latest Android system, which allows users to download apps or receive updates directly. The watch can do voice-to-text input even in the offline mode.

Price: 1,999 yuan

HP laptop with

Leap Motion

Forget keyboard and mouse. The Leap Motion in this HP device allows users to control it without touching it, which means a lot, especially to game fans.

It’s the bridge to future technologies tightly connecting our bodies and devices such as Google Glass.

The HP ENVY17 Leap Motion SE, which also features a 17-inch full HD screen and powerful graphics chip, is one of the first batches of devices combining Leap Motion and mainstream PC brands.

Price: 14,999 yuan

Gifts for Her

Omron’s body scan device

How about the latest results for keeping fit and tracking morning exercises? You can ask Omron’s V-Body device (HBF-701). Through scanning the body, it offers users information and data for weight, fat rate and bone density each day, which can be compared with previous days and measured with built-in standards.

Price: 1,798 yuan

Mini Jambox

Need a small but powerful speaker for your party during the holidays? Mini Jambox is a good choice as it’s small enough to fit in your pocket, so it goes wherever you go. The extruded aluminum body provides worthwhile sound through Bluetooth 4.0, supported by iPhone, iPad and other new devices. It supports personalization with optional colors (red is recommended) and the Jawbone application on iOS and Android.

Price: 1,680 yuan

Skyworth set-top TV Box

Skyworth’s box supports Wi-Fi and HD video content provided by video website iQiyi.

The highlights of the box include two 3D glasses (for 3D TV), an optional seven colors and iQiyi’s one-year VIP service.

Price: 299 yuan

Red HTC One

The red version of HTC One released recently is naturally a nice gift choice for festivals because of its color. The classic HTC phone features Blinkfeed for news collecting and easy access to social media and Zoe Camera, which captures unique motion pictures for the holidays.

Price: 2,988 yuan

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