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Jinshan Strawberry Festival kicks off

MORE than 3,000 tons of strawberries in Jinshan District will soon be ready for picking. It represents a bumper harvest this winter.

Meanwhile, the Jinshan Strawberry Festival is already in full swing and continues until March 3. Visitors can pick, taste and buy fresh, juicy strawberries at the district's eight orchards.

Urban day trippers can tour the Jinshan Strawberry Research and Development Center, where they can get a lesson on strawberry growing by farmers and then go pick some berries.

The center has also prepared 5,000 mini strawberry pots for those who want to grow the fruit at home.

"We have treated the soil and seeds in advance and with regular daily watering, strawberry plants are very easy to handle at home," says Gu Baogen, the center's director.

The festival includes a variety of events including a photography contest, special decorations for Valentine's Day and lessons for children to grow strawberries at home.

Farmers started growing strawberries in the district more than 30 years ago and the total planting area has since expanded to 167 hectares. In recent years, the suburban district cooperated with a Taiwan agricultural committee and local farmers learned advanced growing techniques.

Organic fertilizers are used along with a combination of artificial and bee pollination.

Other strawberry patches in Jinshan District

Shanghai Xinhe Fruits and Vegetables Association
Address: Junction of Jinshi and Aiwu roads, Zhujing Town
Contact: 1891-6718-785 (Guo Hong)

Shanghai Jiayan Flowers Association
Address: 1799 Zhuping Road, Langxia Town
Contact: 1350-1808-346 (Xie Aiming)

Shanghai Wangpo Fruits and Vegetables Association
Address: 4026 Bazi Village, Jinshanwei Town
Contact: 1306-1627-183 (Zhang Jingyuan)

Shanghai Canhui Fruits and Vegetables Association
Address: Xinyi Village, Fengjing Town
Contact: 1356-4999-998 (Lu Huahui)

Shanghai Baoqin Fruits and Vegetables Association
Address: Team 6, Ganxiang Baiyang Village, Luxiang Town
Contact: 1366-1517-844 (Lu Baoqin)

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